Chiara Ferragni publishes intimate dialogue with Leone, video made by security cameras

Chiara Ferragni publishes intimate dialogue with Leone, video made by security cameras

Chiara Ferragni shared on Tik Tok a scene taken by the security cameras of her home. It is an intimate dialogue with his son Leone who tells him: “I’m also proud of you, Mom”. The video has divided users on social media into those who believe it’s exciting and those who, on the other hand, are decidedly over-the-top.

Author: Elisabetta Murina

After an aperitif on a glacier with some friends, Chiara Ferragni continues to make users argue. The influencer and entrepreneur shared on her Tik Tok profile a video that provoked reactions conflicts among the millions of followers. It’s a tender moment taken by security cameras installed in the bedroom Lionthe eldest son of the house, who addresses her with some sweet phrases.

The video of Chiara Ferragni and Leone made by the cameras

On her increasingly active Tik Tok profile, Chiara Ferragni shared a short video with Leone, made entirely by security cameras that Ferragnez had installed in the house. In the clip, you can see the businesswoman, sitting on the floor, talking to her son, holding him by the hand. “I’m so proud of you too”, says the little one of the house after his mother first addressed him with the same phrase. “you are a flower mother“continues Leone.

The conflicting comments on social media for the video

As is often the case with content published by Ferragnez, this video by Chiara Ferragni also divided social media users. On the one hand, there are those who commented “I cry”, “how sweet”, thus arguing that the moment shown is emotional because of the beautiful words with which Leone addresses his mother. On the other hand, there are those who even believe “chilling” use home security cameras to show these intimate situations with your child, who is also a minor. The direct stakeholder, followed by millions of users, was not exposed on the subject at the moment. The video comes a few days after a controversy that shook Ferragni herself, about the choice to have an aperitif on a glacier and arrive there with two private helicopters, a means of transport with a high level of pollution and definitely not attentive to the ‘environment. .

Source: Fan Page IT