LDA would have a new girlfriend, the photos holding hands with Giulia

LDA would have a new girlfriend, the photos holding hands with Giulia

LDA would have a new girlfriend: the singer was paparazzi in the company of a girl named Giulia, who has been dating for a few months. For now, no official status from those directly involved, even though the shots seem to leave no doubt about their relationship.

Author: Elisabetta Murina

(Photo by Deianira Marzano)

LDA would have a new girlfriend. After the end of his last story, Amici’s former student was paparazzi along with a girl named giulia on several occasions. They walk hand in hand and affectionate hugs that would leave no room for doubt about their relationship, even if the interested party at the time preferred not to expose themselves.

The photos of LDA with the new girlfriend

The scoop was launched by influencer Deianira Marzano, who posted on Instagram the reports of some users about LDA and his new girlfriend. The girl in question is named Giulia (surname is unknown at the moment) and it looks like they started dating a few months ago. The two were seen together in Sperlonga last august, holding hands. Photos were also published showing them taking a selfie: LDA tenderly embraces Giulia and kisses her on the cheek. For now, the young singer, son of Gigi D’Alessio, chose not to come out of the closet and preserve his privacy.

What LDA Said About Your Relationship Status

Interviewed by Lorella Cuccarini last July, guest of the format talk about youLDA had first spoken about his private life and said he was interested in a girl: “In love with me is a big word. I’m very interested in a persona beautiful person. We’re getting to know each other: it was love at first sight”. Amici’s former student therefore has a new acquaintance, who seems willing to stay away from gossip at least for now. So far, in fact, he has not published any photos that formalize the relationship, but it is possible that it will soon come to light. For now there is no information about the girl in question, not even her last name.

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