“I love to create and get out of schedules”: Esther Anaya

“I love to create and get out of schedules”: Esther Anaya

With a clear desire to want to innovate in the music industry, Esther Anaya has penetrated in various scenarios with his proposal UNITED STATES. This Colombian, born in Huntcame to the North American country when he was 13 years old and since then he decided that he wanted to make himself known through music.

“My parents sacrificed a lot to pay for my private lessons with a teacher who belonged to the Los Angeles Philharmonic. I belonged to UCLA Orchestra, which was my first job. They paid me for every concert and every practice; then I moved on and auditioned more, which opened doors for me to play with artists like Rihanna and Kanye West,” he says.

By the time he arrived in the United States, he had already received musical training as a violinist. His first studies were conducted in Santa Marta, in Cajamag; then proceeded to polish his talent in Barranquilla when entering Fine Arts and later he was in the Atlantic Philharmonic.

The coastal artist, who assures that her first musical influences came from Shakira and Selena Quintanillaconfirms that behind the achievements he has achieved is a history of perseverance and discipline.

He recently presented a song with Snoop Dogg based on the concept of the WEB3this production makes it happen after repeated urging and contacting people close to the American artist, until they managed to listen to it and decided to work on this single.

“I made a production of a song based on the inspiration of his creation which is in the Metaverse. Based on that concept of WEB3, I developed a production of a beat (track), which I sent to all the producers and all the people in the team via social networks, until they replied to me,” said the artist.

Anaya in dialogue with THE HERALD He also noted that he is preparing to release an album to come Humberto Gaticaaward-winning record producer and sound engineer who Grammy Awards.

He notes that he will have six songs written with the help of his family that reflect the essence of Esther Anaya as a singer. “I’ve been in the studio for several years recording and rehearsing these songs; and I think I really needed that to show people this facet as a singer,” he said.

Source: El heraldo