“The photos of Cecchi Paone kissing Simone are beyond all limits”: Signorini responds to the reader

After the publication of the photos in which Alessandro Cecchi Paone kisses the man he is dating, the editor of the weekly Chi received a letter of protest: “I and many other people will not buy Who anymore”.

Author: Daniela Seclì

Since its inception, the weekly Chi has published articles that portray stories of passionate love, without receiving protest letters from readers. In recent weeks, the magazine run by Afonso Signorini posted the pictures they portrayed Alessandro Cecchi Paone with Simone – the man she is dating – while they exchanged affections. In this case, unacceptable homophobic comments poured in on social media and one reader even wrote to Signorini, assuring him that he would no longer buy the weekly Chi:

Dear Editor, I regret to inform you that I will no longer buy your weekly, which I used to like, and so many other people like me. The report on Alessandro Cecchi Paone crossed all the limits of good taste and, if it’s true that everyone can have their sexual tastes, I don’t think it’s appropriate to flaunt them like that! Sincerely, MZ (letter signed, ed).

Cecchi Paone kisses the man she’s dating, Signorini defends him

Alfonso Signorini certainly did not collapse at the prospect of losing this reader. The editor of the weekly Chi, clarified that if the reason for his criticism is the fact that in the photos there are two men who love each other, he can stop buying the magazine he drives safely:

Dear Marina, I’m sorry to have hurt your sensitivity so much. In all honesty, the images in the report on Alessandro Cecchi Paone do not strike me, as you suggest, in bad taste. They simply tell the enthusiasm of a passion and a feeling that unites two men. If this was the real problem for you, I would be glad to have lost a reader. Greetings!

The replica of Alessandro Cecchi Paone

Alessandro Cecchi Paone also gave his opinion on this. In a long interview with Fanpage.it, he revealed all the details of his relationship with Simone and responded to those who accused him of having allowed himself to be shown in public:

If you are an elderly person, who has received a certain education and does not live in a big city, I can understand him if he asks not to be provoked in the middle of a square. But I was on my boat in the middle of the sea pursued by a drone (laughs, ed). The kiss photo was not taken on the floor while we were on our way to the restaurant. My boat is not “in public”. I’m also willing to negotiate a position of mutual understanding, I don’t provoke if I come across people who have problems with political or religious upbringing, but I can’t be forced to hide in the cabin of my boat. We were just kissing.

Source: Fan Page IT