Francesca Fagnani returns with Belve: “My strength is work, no one has ever given me anything”

Francesca Fagnani returns with Belve: “My strength is work, no one has ever given me anything”

Francesca Fagnani returns from November 1st on Rai 2 with her “Beasts”, which will be broadcast three times a week. “I conquered everything inch by inch”. He anticipates that yes, there will be politicians in the studio: “But to choose them I will wait after the elections”.

Author: Giulia Turco

Francesca Fagnani is getting ready to return to Rai 2 later in the night with his “beasts”. The program of which she is the author is the result of a long career in journalism, of which she does not deny anything. Arrived in Nove, later transferred to Rai with a boom of consensus also on social networks, Belve returns with three weekly consultations from November 1st.

The new season of Beasts

Politicians? yes there will be, but I wait after the elections to decide the names”, explains Francesca Fagnani interviewed by Leggo in view of her TV restart. Looking back, he remembers the comparison with Afonso Signorini as one of the most interesting, “For the freedom with which it is counted”but also Morgan, and Matteo Renzi, “That he was about to leave: he confessed that he was arrogant, that he was wrong not to resign.”

A career that started in New York

Today she can be proud of her journey in journalism, which began with a doctorate in New York through the news of the attack on the Twin Towers. “Strength of character and responsiveness are the legacy my mother left me“, he explains. He’s not afraid to admit that work has always been at the top of his priorities: “My strength was work, without seeking other types of support. It’s the longest route, but it’s the most solid“. That’s why he wouldn’t allow anyone to question his successes: “I conquered everything inch by inch, gradually. At Rai I started to get cassettes, Belve arrived after 20 years of work, nobody gave it to me”.

Private life with Enrico Mentana

She who defines herself in life as “always arrogant, not only in loveand jealous at first then pass it on to me”, Shares the private with Enrico Mentana. Professionally close, but opposite in everything: “I talked about work all day, he comes home and hangs up”, says Fagnani. “I only watched news shows, he watched movies“. In the past, he stated that a child is not among your priorities at the time and today he doesn’t seem to have changed his intentions. “I make a program to claim women’s freedom. Children should be made without social conditioning. Benefits for men are defects for women. Like ambition, careerism and pay gap. It is a backward cultural state.”

Source: Fan Page IT