Elisabetta Gregoraci and Giulio Fratini, check out the first photo that witnesses will see together

After the persistent rumors about their connection and an unexpected confirmation from the ex-Roberta Morise, the weekly Diva and Donna published the photos that testify to the summer spent together between Elisabetta Gregoraci and Giulio Fratini.

Author: Giulia Turco

(Photo from the weekly Diva and Donna)

Elisabeta Gregoraci, A strong and independent woman, she seems to have let her heart slowly melt under the summer sun of 2022. Since her breakup with Flavio Briatore she has always declared herself happily single and has been very careful not to let any gossip about her private life leak out, but rumors about the flirtation with Giulio Fratini, ex Roberta Morise and Raffaella Fico are increasingly full-bodied and the photos published in the weekly Diva and Donna seem to be a confirmation of the tenderness that exists between them.

Summer together at a luxury resort in Sicily

Maybe still little to say for sure that Elisabetta Gregoraci is in love again, but certainly Giulio Fratini is buzzing around the beautiful Calabrian showgirl. The photos posted by Diva and Donna speak of a certain complicity between them, who spent a few days on the beach together, first in Twiga, home of Flavio Briatore, then in Noto, in an exclusive resort from Sicily. According to the gossip, Elisabetta Gregoraci and Fratini were going to participate in a big secret, but in the middle of summer the weekly Quem gave his call for sure, including a love affair.

Elisabetta Gregoraci during her stay at the Noto resort.
Elisabetta Gregoraci during her stay at the Noto resort.

The confirmation of Roberta Morise

To confirm the possibility of a love between Eli Greg and the 30-year-old businessman was his ex-girlfriend Roberta Morise who, surprisingly, in recent days left an unexpected comment on Instagram. To those who asked him for a comment on gossip, Morise replied: “I’m happy for you two“. The presenter of Rai 12 made official the break with the young businessman from Tuscany last July. “I know relationships can go through ups and downs, but I resisted”he openly confided to the weekly Confidenze. “In the end though there was also a betrayal on his part. I don’t comment on it, but I understand that I have to learn to be a little less good.”

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