Simona Ventura to Totti at Partita del Cuore: “Where have you been this summer? We didn’t see you”

Simona Ventura to Totti at Partita del Cuore: “Where have you been this summer?  We didn’t see you”

During Partita del Cuore, live on Rai2, Simona Ventura punches Francesco Totti asking where he spent the summer and adding: “We haven’t seen you.”

Author: Ilaria Costabile

In the prime time of Rai2 the departure from the heart that sees the National Singers and the Charity Team collide, this year the formation of Italian artists sees an exceptional player on the field, it is about Francesco Totti. The former Roma captain, by the way, did not hold back from participating in the charity event, but the first kick he had to face was not from the opposing team, but from Simona Venturanight presenter.

Simona Ventura’s Jab to Francesco Totti

The name of Francesco Totti in the last two months has filled and continues to fill the pages of gossip columns after the split from Ilary Blasi. The news monopolized the attention of the public interested in all the developments and background behind the separation of one of Italy’s most beloved couples. In the wave of gossip, therefore, Simona Ventura does not hesitate to open the call with the commentators who comment on the match, to ask a very poignant question to the former champion. The presenter, by the way, asks him smiling: “Francesco, but out of curiosity, where have you been this summer? We haven’t really seen you”, Totti responds with a hint of shy laughter and saying: “Oh, I’ve been to my house, as usual in Sabaudia.”

Totti’s summer after breaking up with Ilary Blasi

A complete jab by Simona Ventura that, in fact, draws heavily on the news that emerged in these hot summer months. If Ilary Blasi documented, even if sporadically, his movements, from Tanzania to Sabaudia, up to the mountain, there was no trace of the Roman champion, except, precisely, some paparazzi on the coast of Lazio, where he spent years on vacation together with his family. Meanwhile, more details about the split deal emerge, after which Totti can be seen publicly with Noemi Bocchi, although some photographers have already spotted them together in recent weeks.

Source: Fan Page IT