Sunscreen on the face is not enough, the neck must also be protected: the viral photo invites you to be careful

Sunscreen on the face is not enough, the neck must also be protected: the viral photo invites you to be careful

A dermatologist witnessed what happens if you apply sunscreen to your face for years but not to your neck. Taking care when exposing yourself to UV rays is essential to prevent skin aging and cancer.

Author: Giusy Dente

Summer for most tourists means sea, beach, sun and tan. The topic “sun creams”is faced year after year, to remind you of the importance of adequate protection when you are continuously and massively exposed to UV rays, which can have serious consequences on the skin, from skin aging to tumors. There is adequate protection for each skin type and it is good to apply the one that really suits your needs, in order to have the maximum benefits and not suffer unpleasant consequences, like the ones he witnessed on Twitter. dermatologist Avi Bitterman.

There is a link between sun exposure and cancer

The New York expert with a photo that went viral appeared on Twitter the cheek and neck of a 92 year old woman: “She has been using moisturizers with UV protection on her face for over 40 years.“, he wrote, to testify how important it is protect the skin of all areas of the body. In the photo, the difference between face and neck is evident; the latter 4 decades ago was not adequately protected, not as much as the face and in fact thickenings, stains, discolorations, small lesions are visible. The effects of this lack of attention were studied by a team led by Christian Posch for the Department of Dermatology and Allergology at the University of Munich, Germany. The results of their study were published in 2021, along with a photo of the 92-year-old woman. The research focused precisely on the link between prolonged exposure to UV rays and aging or tumor development also raise awareness aboutimportance of prevention.

How to avoid skin damage

The doctor’s research says: “There is substantial overlap between the characteristics of cancer and those of aging.“. In the conclusions of the study it is explained that Prevention is a powerful weaponalthough factors such as genetics and heredity cannot be completely ruled out when it comes to the appearance of certain pathologies: “Focusing efforts on exogenous and endogenous risk factors for the development of skin cancer has the potential to reduce the incidence at unprecedented rates, but the fact is that people will continue to get sick and develop skin cancer. No matter how hard we try to stop them“. We need to work on several fronts:”It is only by developing treatments for aging and promoting primary prevention of skin cancer, along with an improved therapy for developed skin cancer, that we can further optimize care.“Science and medicine are making great strides, but each of us in our daily lives can do our part.

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