Madonna changes her look: pink hair after big birthday party

Madonna changes her look: pink hair after big birthday party

Madonna continues to surprise and reinvent herself: the new transformation is under the banner of pink, the color of the moment.

Author: Giusy Dente

full summer though Madonna. The singer collaborated with Beyoncé for the realization of Break my Soul Queen Remix (present in the album Rebirth) and according to some rumors, it appears that she is also recording a new song with her longtime friend Britney Spears. But even though she was very busy with work, for nothing in the world would she fail to celebrate her birthday in style. The pop star, by the way, organized an exclusive party in Sicily on August 16, in Noto. For the occasion, she wore a coordinated majolica dress with her daughters, a total matchy look by Dolce & Gabbana. At the party, Material Girl’s hair was blonde as usual, but a few days later something changed.

Madonna’s Transformation

Madonna displayed the new hair look for the first time on the birthday of her daughters, 9-year-old twins Stella and Estere. The pop star ditched the iconic blonde of her hair, opting for the light pink. She currently has a pink bob, the color of the moment, who is having fun on the decline in different hairstyles from wavy locks to braids. This nuance is much loved by celebrities. Megan Fox experienced this in honor of his girlfriend Machine Gun Kelly, but also Zayn Malik, totally infected by the so-called Barbie Maniathe fashion of the moment.

Madonna conquered by Barbiecore

His name is Barbiecore and he really won over everyone, not just on the runway. From dresses to hair and makeup, pink in all its shades has dominated for months. Just look at the main Maison’s collections, browse influencers’ social media or look at the looks worn by celebrities at major events. It’s all pink, fuchsia, dust and certainly Madonna couldn’t miss her appeal.

The pop star over the years has always been able to surprise, to set trends rather than adapt to existing ones, but in any case he has always managed to generate clamor and amazement around him. And he did it again. At 64 years old, she is the same as always: she loves to experiment and knows how to continually reinvent herself, she is the queen of versatility both in the musical and stylistic fields, always daring and innovative, never equal to herself.

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