Alessandro Basciano’s marriage proposal with Sophie Codegoni on the red carpet in Venice79

Alessandro Basciano’s marriage proposal with Sophie Codegoni on the red carpet in Venice79

Alessandro Basciano surprises Sophie Codegoni with a proposal on the red carpet at Venice 79.

Author: Ilaria Costabile

Perfume of love on the red carpet of Venice 79among the many couples who crossed the tour in favor of the photographers, on Wednesday, September 7th, they also arrived Alessandro Basciano AND Sophie Codegoni. The DJ surprised his partner with a gesture she would never have expected: a marriage proposal around the world, complete with a ring and strictly on your knees.

The time of proposal

What was supposed to be a simple, passing runway at the Venice Film Festival turned into an unforgettable experience for Sophie Codegoni, who will always remember not only her first time at the Lido, but the day her boyfriend took her to be his wife. . A gesture that does not need many words is that of Alessandro Basciano who, after taking a few steps on the red carpet, fully dressed, kneeled at the feet of his better half, in disbelief to see it happen, showing in his hands a coffin with a beautiful ring. inside. The kiss clicked immediately, with Sophie excited and happy.

The love between Sophie Codegoni and Alessandro Basciano

The moment was also captured by the fans and by those who manage the account of the former gieffina who, by the way, even from the screens that cover the red carpet took advantage of the moment, capturing every moment of the proposal. A little later comes the comment of the interested person who writes, among the Instagram stories, “You’re crazy and I love you to death”. The love born within the walls of Cinecittà amidst a thousand misunderstandings has become stronger and stronger, maturing day by day and leading the 33-year-old man to take this very important step, choosing Sophie as a woman to have at his side. your side for life. In an interview with, the former chairwoman of Men and Women had stated that she felt ready for marriage and that she expected nothing more than the ring. And, at the end of the day, it cannot be said that the promise has not been fulfilled.

Source: Fan Page IT