Peppa Pig presents the first couple formed by two women among its characters

Peppa Pig presents the first couple formed by two women among its characters

Peppa Pig introduces a same-sex parent couple to an episode of the series for the first time. A petition had already been launched in 2019 for the British design to be more inclusive.

Author: Ilaria Costabile

Another small revolution comes from the world of children’s drawings. Also Peppa Pig presents for the first time same-sex parent couple, are two mothers, of whom one of the little protagonists of the English program speaks. A breakthrough in children’s entertainment, which comes a few years after a petition was launched to make even the cartoon, one of the best known in the world, be more inclusive.

The first couple with same-sex parents

The episode of the show aired on Channel 5 and is friends with Peppa Pig, or Penny Polar Bear, who in describing her family says: “I live with my mom and my other mom. A mom is a doctor and a mom cooks spaghetti. I love spaghetti.” A choice that confirms the fact that the design has been recognized in recent years as holding the values ​​and demands of the LGBTQ+ community, so much so that Pippa Pig is considered a true gay icon. The album of songs dedicated to the cartoon, or Peppa’s Adventures: The Album, according to fans, contained several references to the community.

The petition on behalf of the LGBTQ community

The English-language cartoon was first shown in 2004, achieving a sensational public success, at least, so much so that it was exported to at least 180 countries. Its diffusion, so vast, had already led, in 2015, the former British Minister of Health, Norman Lamb, to encourage the inclusion of gay characters in the narrative. In fact, in 2019, a petition was then launched in which it was requested that a family consisting of parents of the same sex be presented by the showrunners of Peppa Pig. The proposal said:

It is okay to teach children what families of all types are like from the start. Traditional ones, those with a single parent and those with two parents of different sexes. Children of same-sex parents may feel alienated from Peppa Pig and other children may be more likely to mistreat them, simply out of ignorance. Peppa Pig isn’t just fun.”

Source: Fan Page IT