The train Thomas welcomes Bruno, the first autistic character in the series

The train Thomas welcomes Bruno, the first autistic character in the series

Mattel has announced that the historic children’s cartoon will soon welcome Bruno, a new autistic character for an increasingly inclusive representation of young viewers around the world.

Author: Giulia Turco

revolution for Thomas’ trainthe historic children’s cartoon that prepares to receive the first autistic character from the series. The attempt, as CNN also makes known, is to propose a diversification of characters that can be increasingly inclusive for young viewers.

Bruno will be voiced by two small autistic actors

Is called Bruno and is a “joyful braking machine” who likes to play word games and will be introduced into the animated series starting in September 2022, as toy giant Mattel announced in a press release. The revolution lies in the fact that, to make the character true, Bruno will be voiced in the British version by two very young people. Autism Spectrum Actors. They are 10-year-old Chuck Smith and 9-year-old Elliot Garcia from the US and UK respectively. “Bruno is funny, intelligent, but at the same time very relaxed.or,” said the little voice actors. “Even though he can get overwhelmed and anxious at times, he uses irony to get through any kind of situation.” That’s why Bruno has a flashlight that indicates his emotional state and earplugs that can wheeze if the noises around him get too loud.

Mattel’s depiction of the autism spectrum in cartoons

Mattel developed the character of Bruno with the help of autism spectrum organizations in the US and UK, including the Autism Self Advocacy Network and the National Autistic Society. “The initiative reaches a global audience that is currently underrepresented and that deserves to be celebrated in children’s programming”explains Christopher Keenan, vice president and executive producer at Mattel, adding that in character development the representation of the imagination by an autistic child was carefully investigated. “There is 160,000 school-age children with autism in the UK who want their stories told.”

Source: Fan Page IT