Zac Efron Says ‘Baywatch’ Workout Made Him Depressed

Zac Efron For several years now, he has been one of the most attractive actors in the film industry. So praised for his innate talent and comedic skills “show world” In addition to singing and dancing, the star has also always been fortunate to be an attractive profile for the millions of fans she has around the world, who are the most sought-after part of the famous faces and bodies lists every year. However, just as owning canonical beauty presents opportunities, it can also cause serious self-esteem and self-esteem issues, as has happened with other small screen icons. Now the cast has just fully opened up Interview men’s healthReveals He Suffered From Deep Depression After The Exercise And Diet Routine For The Movie Baywatch.

“Baywatch” (Paramount Photos)

“I started having insomnia and fell into a very severe depression for a long time. Something about that experience burned me. It took me a long time to refocus. “Eventually they gave him a lot of diuretics for a long time and something went wrong.”– said the main character high school musical. Efron also revealed that he has been training hard, eating three meals a day and sleeping at least 4 hours a day for his training regimen and production schedule. Along with the training process, she cited Baywatch’s ideal physical goal as one that she finds very difficult to achieve, and also a bit unrealistic: “There is very little water in the skin. For example, it is false; It looks like CGI. And for that you need Lasix, strong diuretics. So I don’t have to do that. I prefer, you know, two or three percent body fat. “

Zac Efron
“Baywatch” (Paramount Photos)

After filming, it took half a year for his hero to feel himself. Fortunately, Zac Efron has made a full recovery. He is currently filming a romantic comedy (no title for Netflix yet) and has three plays scheduled to premiere in 2023; redo Three men and a bottle, iron claw and your own series, Kill Zac Efron. In addition to his physical performance, the truth is that the young actor played great roles as Ted Bundy Extremely cruel, evil and evil And Jack Jansen came in newspaper deliverer.

Source: La Neta Neta