Cecchi Paone: “Simone, overwhelmed by homophobic threats and insults, had to close her profile”

Cecchi Paone: “Simone, overwhelmed by homophobic threats and insults, had to close her profile”

Alessandro Cecchi Paone tells how his new partner, Simone, had to face insults from users on social networks after the photos they see together to exchange tenderness.

Author: Ilaria Costabile

Alessandro Cecchi Paone returns to talk about their summer courtship in the pages of Repubblica. After the interview with Fanpage.it, where he traced point by point the moments of this new and prolific meeting, also focusing on the destiny of our country, with a view to the upcoming political elections on September 25, the newspaper underlines its intentions when explaining her vote and tell how for the stolen photos, taken by the weekly Chi, her young partner suffered insults of all kinds.

The fellow oppressed by insults

A meeting that was born with the idea of ​​confrontation that turned into an immediate and powerful understanding, resulting in a week of sharing and passion, so Cecchi Paone tells La Repubblica, as he had already heard from Fanpage.it, his new known summer he waits “can become something more“. However, the photos of exchanges and tenderness on the high seas provoked some indignant reactions from users of social networks, from which, in fact, the young Simone had to leave so as not to have to suffer cruel and gratuitous attacks:

He is protected by the culture of the new generations and the daily life of his farm, which he manages with his family. But he was sadly oppressed by enemies on Facebook. He had to close his profile for homophobic and moralistic threats and insults. Sexophobic I would say. He was hurt and surprised. Precisely because he comes from a different kind of life. In turn, I needed to be protected by No Vax, by those who are pro-Putin. I know how to handle this, Simone found herself having to defend herself.

What Cecchi Paone will vote for in the elections

Insults that in recent months have reached the publicist on several occasions, “the people close to the Brothers of Italy are the ones who attack me”, he told Fanpage.it, underlining the decline of citizens’ rights. In this regard, therefore, he also cites a film that is making people talk these days, Lord of the Ants, by Gianni Amelio, presented in Venice79: “The director urged you never to stop talking about rights, especially at this stage. Fortunately, plagiarism no longer exists, electroshock no longer exists. But when Amelio says that the issue of rights is central, he understands. And then I’m going to put my face on it. Even private life if necessary.” As a radical, therefore, he is very clear where his vote on 25 September goes:

I’m a radical and I’ll take the side Emma Bonino. I will vote for the center-left and the Democratic Party. I will campaign alongside her with an event in Rome on Monday the 12th. I will be Emma’s witness, I have been with her for 30 years.

Source: Fan Page IT