Jennifer Lawrence, what does the name chosen for her first child mean

Jennifer Lawrence, what does the name chosen for her first child mean

Jennifer Lawrence became a mother in February, but has always experienced motherhood in private. Just a few days ago, he revealed a few more details about his son: here’s his name and the meaning of the name.

Author: Valeria Paglionico

Jennifer Lawrence became a mother at the end of February 2022, gave birth to her first child born of her marriage to Cooke Maroney, thus crowning the dream of starting a family. Despite the joy attached to the event, she preferred to live everything in private, so much so that she appeared only once in public with her belly and did not announce details about the subsequent birth. Today, however, things have changed: interviewed by Vogue Us, the actress leaked some unpublished news about the baby. The baby is a boy and is called Cy: that’s why the couple chose that name for their firstborn.

Why Jennifer Lawrence Named Her Son Cy

Jennifer Lawrence proved to be a revolutionary star: since finding out she was pregnant, she decided to live this magical and exciting moment of her life away from the spotlight, going against the trend with all the stars who share every moment of the sweet on social media wait. Not surprisingly, then, he revealed his son’s name 6 months after birth. She called him Cy, implementing this choice for a very specific reason: she wanted to honor the American painter Cy Twombly, one of her husband’s favorite artists, who is a gallery owner in life.

The meaning of the name Cy

What does the name Cy mean? It comes from the Greek, is the diminutive of Cyrus and literally means “hero”, “master”. It is currently widespread in the United States, but it has been around since ancient times, just think that it is mentioned in the Old Testament and that many rulers of Persia brought it. It refers to a proud, self-centered man with strong domestic skills, implying a cheerful, friendly, active and creative personality. In short, Lawrence left nothing to chance, even if her sole purpose was to honor her husband’s professional career.

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