Because the royal family always travels with a mourning dress in their suitcase

Royal members

Mourning in the Windsor family also has its rules: for example, all family members must always have a black suit in their suitcase. It was Elizabeth II who decided after a style “accident”.

Author: Beatrice Manca

file photo: Charles and Camilla in 2014 at the Duchess of Devonshire’s funeral

Royal members

In these hours the news about the state of health of the Queen Elizabeth they alerted British subjects and royal family fans across the world. The sovereign, although she worked until a few days ago, is very old and royal protocol does not allow anyone to be caught off guard. Also mourningin the Windsor family, has its own rules: for example, all family members must always have a black dress in the suitcase. The custom was established by Queen Elizabeth who wore the wrong dress on the most important day of her life…

The royal family always has a black suit in their suitcase.

Whether it’s a state trip or a vacation, it doesn’t matter – when the Windsors are abroad, they should always bring a black mourning outfit with them. Reason? In the event of the sudden death of an elderly member of the royal family, you may not be photographed wearing a pink dress or shorts. Likewise, journalists from BBC and the UK’s top broadcasters have a dark suit ready for ads of this severity. You must maintain appropriate grieving behavior at any time, wherever you are. A lesson Queen Elizabeth learned the hard way: When King George VI, Elizabeth’s beloved father, died in 1952, the princess was in Kenya with Prince Philip. At the time there was no Internet and news reached the new queen with difficulty, between telegraphs and intercontinental phone calls.

Queen Elizabeth instituted the black dress rule

In addition to the pain and shock of her new life as queen, Elizabeth II immediately faced a problem of a practical nature: she did not have a suitable black dress for the situation with her. The dresser had already packed, but the bags were already on their way to the next stops. Elizabeth boarded the plane in a sundress, and once she arrived in London, she waited on board to be handed a more sober dark dress with stockings and a hat. Only then, perfectly dressed, could she get off the plane and go home. From that moment, therefore, the royal family always travels prepared for the worst eventuality: a rule that in these hours has returned to the present. Even Harry and Meghan, while not elderly members of the royal family, are on their way to London: if the worst-case scenario comes true, they too will have to prepare to observe mourning.

Source: Fan Page IT