George, Charlotte and Louis: Why back to school is causing controversy

George, Charlotte and Louis: Why back to school is causing controversy

George, Charlotte and Louis started school, starting this year they will attend Lambrook School in Berkshire. The locals, however, did not take the arrival well and filled the Cambridge family with criticism.

Author: Valeria Paglionico

In the last hours the Queen Elizabeth II circulated on the web: an official document arrived from Buckingham Palace in which it was communicated that the sovereign is struggling with serious health problems. Carlo and Camilla would have already arrived at Balmoral, while William would be traveling, would have left his family at home, to be more precise in Adelaide Cottage, the new residence where he moved with Kate Middleton and their children. Just this morning the sweet family had appeared in fullness at the doors of the Lambrook School, the new school attended by the princes, causing a lot of controversy: so the return to school of George, Charlotte and Louis would end up in the center of the attention of the enemy princes, who did not hesitated to comment negatively on the choice of Cambridge.

Why the Royals at Berkshire School are frowned upon

This morning the Cambridge Royal Babies started a new school year: for Louis it’s a first, while for George and Charlotte it’s a change of school, since until last year they attended Thomas’s Battersea in London. Now they go to Lambrook School in Berkshire, which is closest to Adelaide Cottage, where William and Kate have just moved. How did the residents of the region deal with the royal arrival in the city? With a little concern: many fear the event will transform the school, distorting it and attracting constant attention from photographers and paparazzi.

Cambridge’s Criticism

As if that wasn’t enough, since it was known that the English princes would have attended the Lambrook School, their waiting list has tripled, which hurts all children who really need to go to an institution close to home. In short, the arrival of royalty would be considered a problem as it would undermine the tranquility and privacy of the country. Although George, Charlotte and Louis are much loved, now they would not be frowned upon, so much so that even many parents would have decided not to send their second children to the same school, declaring that they loved the institution as it was.

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