Elizabeth II, because she always carried her purse with her (but the contents remain almost a mystery)

Elizabeth II, because she always carried her purse with her (but the contents remain almost a mystery)

Queen Elizabeth’s death at age 96

Elizabeth II is dead: a true icon, even of style, is leaving. He never parted from the bag. It was a way of sending secret messages, but its content remains a mystery.

Author: Giusy Dente

Queen Elizabeth’s death at age 96

The world is mourning and crying there death of queen elizabeth II, who died aged 96 at his beloved Balmoral estate, the one where he used to spend his summer and where he also spent part of his honeymoon with beloved Prince Philip. Today the proclamation of King Charles III will take place and his wife Camilla will rightfully assume the title of Queen Consort, as already announced on the occasion of the Platinum Jubilee. There are several formal and institutional steps to be taken in these cases, but it is also time to stop and remember: the sovereign was an icon, also in style.

Elizabeth II, never without a black bag

There are some recurring elements in the sovereign’s style, who in her 70 years on the throne has always remained consistent and true to herself, even in the way she dresses. Never fancy clothes, never excessive frills: his style was strict and formal, he had to convey confidence, but also a certain closeness to people.

With a predilection for plain dresses and bright colors, she also combined a certain love for the floral print, while on very rare and exceptional occasions she was seen in public with pants. Black loafers and pearl jewelry were the must-haves of her looks, accessories she never parted from. And the same goes for the iconic black bag always present in all looks.

The messages hidden in the queen’s purse

Scrolling through the photos of Queen Elizabeth you can see the fixed presence of a black bag with elongated handles most of the time: it was an unavoidable element in their looks, paired with loafers of the same color. actually the bag collection of the sovereign was much wider and included models different in shape and color, but with one constant: all of the Launer brand, his favorite, in a total of about 200 pieces.

While the brand was always the same, it was the position that changed. As a rule, Elizabeth II used to use the accessory for the left arm: actually moving it had very specific meanings. The scholarship was a form of communication with his team, to send them messages he couldn’t express verbally.

The inner arm bag served to call the team back when it was time to end a conversation, for example. If she was seated, the bag should be placed on the floor, never on her lap: if it was placed on the table instead, it was a way of discreetly attracting the attention of the lady-in-waiting.

What was in Elizabeth II’s purse?

The contents of the sovereign’s purse remains a mystery. You’ve never personally answered this question, so you can only make assumptions, based on your habits and other people’s statements. Some former assistants said she carries handkerchiefs, cups and a few coins to use as a Church offering. Only during the Platinum Jubilee did the sovereign become unbalanced. In a comic cartoon featuring the bear, Paddington confided in the character that she would always carry a sandwich with him, in her bag, in case she felt like having a snack.

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