Presenter Julie Chin has a stroke live on the news: ‘I couldn’t speak’

Presenter Julie Chin has a stroke live on the news: ‘I couldn’t speak’

Julie Chin, journalist and host of Two News, suffered a stroke live while hosting the news. Realizing that something was wrong, the woman promptly crossed the timeline. The video went viral.

Author: Stefania Rocco

ONE stroke on live tv while he was breaking the news. happened to Julie Chin, journalist and presenter of 2 News Oklahom, an American channel belonging to the KJRH-TV network. The woman felt sick while presenting a report on the launch of NASA’s Artemis-I rocket into orbit. Images of that dramatic moment ended up on the internet and soon went viral, while unleashing a current of affection for the woman. The video shows the presenter who can only say a few words before realizing something is wrong. Quickly, she passes the line to the meteorology to receive first aid, however alerted by the colleagues present with her in the studio.

Colleagues recognize symptoms and call 911

To save the journalist were colleagues who were with her at that moment in the studio. Immediately framing the situation, they alerted 911 to have the woman promptly rescued. Chin was hospitalized and is now doing well.

Julie Chin after stroke: ‘I lost my eyesight but was trying to carry on’

With a message shared on Facebook, the journalist thanked those who showed their affection for her in these hours. “The last few days are still somewhat shrouded in mystery, but doctors believe she had a stroke on Saturday morning. Some of you have witnessed it first hand and I am sorry that this happened“, explained the woman, “During the news, first I partially lost sight in one eye, then my arm and hand went numb. Anyone who was in front of the TV on Saturday knows how desperately he tried to convey the news, but the words just wouldn’t come. I thank my colleagues who immediately recognized the emergency situation and alerted 911“.

Source: Fan Page IT