Marilyn is Latina in the movie Blonde, Ana De Armas: “I didn’t even pay attention to the accent”

Marilyn is Latina in the movie Blonde, Ana De Armas: “I didn’t even pay attention to the accent”

Venice Film Festival 2022

At the Film Festival, Ana De Armas silences the controversy that arose over her Cuban origins, considered inadequate to interpret the myth of Marilyn Monroe in the biopic Blonde. However, director Andrew Dominik has chosen with conviction the actress who already carries the full weight of her character on her shoulders.

Author: Giulia Turco

Venice Film Festival 2022

Ana de Armas It is Marilyn Monroe in the long-awaited biopic to be released on Netflix on September 28 and featured on Venice Film Festival. It is Norma Jeane, in the life that precedes access to the world of Hollywood, and it is the thousand personalities of a myth that seeks its own human consistency, if it exists.

I had a superficial idea of ​​her, now I regularly go to her grave”, says the director Andrew Dominik. “We started filming on August 4th a few years ago, the day of Marilyn’s death, it wasn’t planned. we turn in the real house where he lived with her mother, and in the room where she died. In Los Angeles there are traces of her everywhere.”

Norma Jeane’s traumatic childhood central to the film

The film, which also sees among its producers Brad Pittfocuses on Norma Jeane’s childhood, on the traumas of the girl who slept on a dresser in symbiosis with a troubled mother, the same one who will try to get rid of her by immersing her in a vat of boiling water, and who lives the relationship with her father. never met through a poster on the wall of a run-down West Hollywood apartment. “Norma saved your life initially then overloaded her”, says the director during the presentation press conference in Venice. “I wanted to show you how childhood trauma can affect adulthood“.

The controversy over the Cuban origins of Ana de Armas

from the name of Ana de Armas, a charming Latin-looking Bond Girl in No Time To Die, her origins were targeted. ONE’Cuban actress with a South American accent will you play Marilyn Monroe? There’s a scandal before you even see the movie. The director reportedly fell in love with her right away, who tried to keep the controversy off the set and focus only on the manic study of her character. “I showed up for the casting call with a horrible blonde wig and regardless of accent”, explains in Venice. “I didn’t participate in this movie to change my opinion of myself… It will be what it will be. I felt on my shoulders all the weight and sadness of Marylin and maybe I didn’t want to get rid of it, it was like it happened to me, I didn’t want to protect myself “.

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