Elizabeth II, the meaning of the photo chosen by the royals to announce her death

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

“The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon”: this is how Buckingham Palace announced the death of Elizabeth II, attaching an old black and white photo of the sovereign (with the inevitable pearls).

Author: Giusy Dente

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

After the rapid succession of news about a sudden deterioration in the health conditions of the Queen ElizabethBuckingham Palace he announced his deathlate afternoon on Thursday, September 8th. The sovereign died peacefully, at Balmoral Castle, surrounded by her entire family, immediately rushed to the scene. The royalty to give the official communication chose a very specific photo, among the countless available.

The History of Elizabeth II’s Photo

It’s not a recent photo, neither wearing the crown nor sitting on the throne. The photo shared by the royal family to announce the death of Queen Elizabeth was taken in February 2006, a few weeks before turning 80 (April 21). It forms part of a photographic exhibition organized at Windsor Castle for the occasion and was also shown in the Drawing Gallery at Windsor Castle a few months later. the author was Jane Brown. The legendary photographer over the years has also photographed Prince Charles, Princess Margaret and Princess Anne, as well as numerous celebrities.

In the photo used for the death announcement, Brown portrayed the sovereign in the living room of Buckingham Palace in a moment of lightness and serenity, with a slight smile on her face as she looked into the camera. He wore a light-colored jacket; unmissable pearl jewelry, Elizabeth II’s favorites, from which he never parted, especially on great occasions. In the black and white photo, we see her wearing a three-strand pearl necklace and pearl earrings. The National Portrait Gallery said that Jane Bown was particularly famous for her black-and-white portraits, taken in low natural light and featuring the protagonists in natural, direct poses.

Because in the photo the sovereign smiles

As the photographer studied the light to figure out the best way to take the picture, a lady-in-waiting from Her Majesty’s company entered the room to fix her hair and make sure everything was perfect. At that moment there was no one but the photographer and the sovereign: Brown worked that way, only she and the subject to be portrayed. the queen maybe recognizing a familiar face, she let herself go for a few seconds on a hint of a smile. The photographer captured that precise moment of tenderness, in which, in her own way, the queen welcomed the collaborator and reassured her. The photo was chosen for the tenderness it emanates, for the reassuring look on a friend: the last goodbye to all those she wanted and who loved her.

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