Patrizia Pellegrino’s gaffe after Basciano’s proposal, Sophie Codegoni: “Long live consistency”

Patrizia Pellegrino twice commented on Alessandro Basciano’s proposal for Sophie Codegoni on the red carpet, on Instagram he first mocked, then praised: “What a show” she wrote initially, then “Viva o amor”. The sudden change of heart about the gesture did not escape the former gieffina.

Author: Gaia Martino

The marriage proposal Alessandro Basciano for him Sophie Codegoni on the red carpet of Venice 79 received a lot of praise, but also a lot of criticism. In addition to the comment by the British journalist from GQ Jack Kingmany famous names in the entertainment world have described the gesture as “not very spontaneous”others like “1 Show“: he was Patrizia Pellegrino use this term publicly before wishing the couple, always on social media. In the old gieffina the sudden change of heart didn’t fall and he wasted no time in pointing at it.

Patrizia Pellegrino’s comments after Alessandro Basciano’s proposal

Patrizia Pellegrino – who had a short adventure at Casa del GF VIP along with Sophie Codegoni, before the entry of Alessandro Basciano – he twice publicly commented on the proposal, first criticizing it, then praising it. “Ah, right ahead of the red carpet, what a show” he wrote as a comment – later deleted – on a post published by television author Andrea Di Carlo, before wishing the best of luck to future spouses: “Long live love”. However, Codegoni didn’t miss a thing and pointed to his former tenant of the Cinecittà house: “Long live consistency, with all due respect Patrizia“. “It was just a joke honey, it felt like a “not very intimate choice” but if it made you happy I’m happy” Pellegrino continued to justify his opening words.

Sophie Codegoni’s replica

The social question and answer ended with Sophie Codegoni’s response in tone against her former tenant at GF Vip. Referring to Andrea Di Carlo’s post that she commented negatively on, she invited her to be consistent.

Nobody judges the fact that you and the whole world find this thing weird, out of place, exaggerated, organized, etc… Everyone has the right to think what they want, the problem arises when you comment under a post of a atrocious malice giving reason to this person saying that we do shows and then comes in my post saying “long live love”. So, Patrizia, I say to you, just think what you want, but remain consistent in your thinking. With that I salute you, long live love.

Source: Fan Page IT