Giorgia Soleri reignites controversy with tattoo on her back: “I only own my sins”

Giorgia Soleri reignites controversy with tattoo on her back: “I only own my sins”

Giorgia Soleri shows her tattoo (poem by Joumana Haddad) and the controversy starts again: “You look like my school desk”.

Author: Gennaro Marco Duello

giorgia soleri increasingly at the center of the controversy. The new parsley from Italy – between social networks, TV, publishing and Venice – a poem by Joumana Haddad, journalist and Lebanese poet, was tattooed on her long back. The poem is “I am this way” (The Return of Lilith, L’Asino d’Oro, 2009, trans. It. O. Capezio). The Instagram post put her at the center – as usual – of appreciation but also controversy: “Are you like that? It’s a shame, you look like my school desk”. But there are also those who defend their choice: “Body tattoos should only be done because they represent meaning. Imprinting on the skin what happened to us. Anyone who hasn’t experienced this feeling will never understand.”

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Poem by Joumana Haddad

Here is the full text of the poem “I am so” by Joumana Haddad.

I’m like this
I don’t have time for regrets
I play with fates, I get bored easily
I promise and I don’t deliver.
It’s useless to change me:
Certainty is strange to me
to the constraint of love
for the imagination
because I’m devout
just indolence.
My appointments are unpredictable
I’m an escape before my time
a sun that is not enough
a night that never opens
they are impetuous sighs between thirst and quenching thirst.
I am like this, a silence to collect me,
a terror slow to disperse,
a silence and a terror to cure a cruel memory
there is no light that can guide me:
I only own my sins.

The ability to delete the Twitter account

Recently, Giorgia Soleri complained about an attack against her on social networks to the point of fearing the possibility of deleting her Twitter account: “Soon I delete twitter and stop opening message requests because contrary to what you think being under shit storm is crap and it hits”. At this rate, he will also have to delete Instagram.

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