Lady Diana and Queen Elizabeth II, From Rivals to Allies: The Story of a Controversial Relationship

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Legend has it that Lady Diana and Queen Elizabeth II were bitter enemies, but the truth is a little different. Although their relationship was not easy at first, over time the two became “unlikely allies”.

Author: Valeria Paglionico

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Relationships between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law are hardly easy, in most cases the husbands’ mothers are overprotective and tend not to look kindly on their partners. When we talk about a family like the Windsors, things get even more complicated. This was demonstrated by the controversial link between the Queen Elizabeth IIwho died on September 8 at age 96, and mourned his Princess Diana, the details of which were never very clear to “mere mortals”. Legend has it that there was no good blood between them, so much so that, at least according to tabloid indiscretions, disagreements and tensions were the order of the day when both lived at court. Royal biographer Andrew Morton, however, would have clarified the matter, explaining step by step how the relationship would have evolved.

At first Lady D. was afraid of the queen

Diana: Her True Story is the book by royal biographer Andrew Morton, inside it also talks about the controversial relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and Lady Diana. It is said that at the time of her engagement to Charles, the princess was so afraid of the sovereign that she tried to avoid him as much as possible, limiting herself to formal greetings such as the deep bows imposed by protocol at each meeting. In turn, the monarch considered Charles’ wife too fragile for the role she should have played in the country. Things changed after Grace Kelly’s death, specifically when Lady D. asked her husband to represent royalty at the funeral held in Monaco. Elisabetta approved the request, praising Diana for her behavior during the funeral.

Elizabeth II, the princess’s lifeline

From that moment on, the two royals became “unlikely allies”, just think of the fact that the princess often asked for sudden audiences with the sovereign after she was sure her wedding was a little “crowded”. According to Morton, the queen was very tolerant of these unscheduled visits, allowing her to help her daughter-in-law who at the time was facing one of the most difficult times in her life. Diana was being encouraged to fight, although at the same time she was being asked to try to save the marriage. The efforts, however, were in vain and her relationship with Carlo came to the sad end we all know in a few years.

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