When Valentino recommended a dress to Queen Elizabeth (but she turned it down)

When Valentino recommended a dress to Queen Elizabeth (but she turned it down)

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

The stylist Valentino Garavani also wanted to remember Queen Elizabeth, the undisputed icon of the style, on social networks, telling a little anecdote.

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Death of Queen Elizabeth II

There death of queen elizabeth generated a wave of emotion that spread far beyond the borders of the United Kingdom: in his long reign he met politicians, popes, heads of state, Hollywood stars and great designers. At these times, memories and tributes chase each other on social networks: even the stylist Valentino Garavani he wanted to share a personal memory of the sovereign with a fun little anecdote.

Valentino Garavani remembers Queen Elizabeth

Designer Valentino Garavani shared photos of his meeting with Queen Elizabeth on his Instagram profile. One of two, in fact: the designer first met the British sovereign in 2005 in London, then in 2010 in Rome, where Elizabeth II was visiting with her husband Philip. The founding stylist of the eponymous fashion brand has repeatedly expressed a regret for never having been able to dress the late sovereign who, super parts even in style, always wore clothes tailored for her or from Anglo-Saxon brands. “Your Majesty, the whole world is saddened by your disappearance – wrote Garavani on Instagram – Today our hearts follow the farewell with sadness and gratitude for the example you have set for the UK and the entire world.“.

The queen refused a Valentino dress (for protocol reasons)

The stylist on Instagram recalled a small anecdote. The queen met Valentino Garavani after one of his shows and, standing in front of a black velvet dress, the stylist said: “Black would be a wonderful pain for your skin“. Too bad it’s a color practically forbidden in the royal family, for reasons of protocol. Smiling, the queen explained that she would very much like to be able to use it, but it was only allowed at funerals. Black is in fact the color of mourning, the only one. that we will see these days in the wardrobe of Camilla and Kate Middleton. Undoubtedly, in her own way, Queen Elizabeth was an undisputed style icon, able to redefine the “powerful” women’s wardrobe.

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