Elodie at the Tim Music Awards, a scathing look between glittering details and bold transparencies

Elodie at the Tim Music Awards, a scathing look between glittering details and bold transparencies

Host of the Tim Music Awards, Elodie performed in a see-through suit, with exposed underwear and shimmering glitter: a bold and bold look just like her.

Author: Giusy Dente

Elodie returned to music, to perform on stage, after her adventure in Venice. The singer, by the way, was invited to the Film Festival, where the film that sees her in the lead role was presented. “Ti mangio il cuore” marks her real debut on the big screen, following her appearance as herself in Federico Moccia’s “There is no field”. She walked the prestigious red carpet in an all-black look. Returning from the event, she performed at the Verona Arena on the occasion of the Tim Music Awards, bringing home several awards.

Summer in Elodie’s Music

The Coca Cola Summer Festival, the Notte della Taranta, the Battiti Live, the Tim Summer Hits: for Elodie it was a very intense summer, musically speaking, which saw her perform non-stop throughout Italy. The singer once again managed to establish herself with her songs, among the most listened to in recent months. First “Bagno at Midnight”, then “Tribal”, finally “The Devil’s Tail” with Rkomi: accompanied the summer and the holidays of the Italians with his music full of energy.

And it certainly can’t be said that her bold appearance is also lacking in energy. The 32 year old man at all times knows how to attract attention with her fashionable clothescarefully chosen by stylist Lorenzo Posocco. She’s been relying on him lately: it’s the same stylist who also takes care of Dua Lipa’s image. For Elodie, she always bets on daring, sensual and provocative clothes, capable of highlighting her determination and personality.

Elodie at the Tim Music Awards

Elodie returned to the animalier, on the occasion of the Tim Music Awards. We’d already seen her in a black and white zebra jumpsuit and matching boots during a show on Rkomi’s tour. Zebra pattern but in red-black (again this one signed Off-White) also for the concert at Circolo Magnolia in Milan. The same reason also returned to the stages of the Tim Music Awards.

the singer wore see-through suit, with black thong and exposed bra. Both the skirt, the fitted midi skirt and the top with collar are enriched with details that make them shine. To complete the bold look, a black pump with a jewel strap. Elodie interprets each outfit with character and personality: when she’s on stage she knows how to dominate the scene like a true diva.

Source: Fan Page IT