The secret language of Elizabeth II’s brooches, the jewelry that revealed her feelings

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

The queen rarely revealed her emotions, but the brooches were excellent clues: they told her secrets, her affections, the memories of loved ones who had passed away.

Author: Beatrice Manca

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

It was often said that the queen elizabeth She also “spoke” through clothes: her role required her to remain super parts, always, but wardrobe choices were never random. After Brexit, he presented himself in parliament in blue, as the European flag, and during the pandemic, he spoke to the nation in green, a symbol of hope. Nothing in her public appearances could be left to chance, including jewelry. There is a detail, by the way, that few noticed, but that on the contrary revealed much of the sovereign’s thinking: the brooches. An obsolete jewel today, but Elizabeth II had a very precious collection, which she used to send specific messages.

The Secrets of Elizabeth II Brooches

Queen Elizabeth’s jewels are true works of art, unique and precious pieces: brooches were never simple habits, but they were worn with a precise meaning. Among the most used, for example, are four flower-shaped brooches: roses, daffodils, thistle and shamrock represent the countries that make up the United Kingdom and were worn by Elizabeth during official visits to Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. North.

Queen Elizabeth with the Rose of England brooch
Queen Elizabeth with the Rose of England brooch

Elizabeth II’s brooches were a tribute to Philip

The sovereign’s most sentimental side was entrusted to the brooches: they told her secrets, her affections, the memories of loved ones who died. Many, by the way, were nailed to clothes to remember her husband, who died a year ago: during her speech at COP26, for example, Elizabeth II wore a diamond and ruby ​​butterfly brooch, received in 1947 as a wedding gift. A tribute to her husband, mentioned in the speech, and his love for the environment. Likewise, when the Queen visited the naval base, she wished to wear the ruby ​​brooch received as a gift from her husband – a naval officer – to have him “close to her heart”. Examples would be too many: the brooch in the shape of a bunch of grapes was a memento of the mother, while the lace brooches from the Victorian era mark important family occasions. One thing is certain: it will be difficult to overcome the diplomacy of Queen Elizabeth, who also knew how to talk with jewelry.

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