This is how Queen Elizabeth came to life on the internet

This is how Queen Elizabeth came to life on the internet

Queen Elizabeth’s life and work is as suitable for television and film as no other. Many famous actresses have taken on the role of Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor for their roles. How do you portray the imposing queen she is without getting too hard? lists a number of productions.

by Esther Villerius

Freya Wilson in the King’s Speech (2010)

Freya Wilson starred in Oscar-winning film speech of the king. Wilson was then about ten years old. Elizabeth’s father, King George VI (Colin Firth), suffered from a speech disorder. The film chronicles the special friendship Prince Albert (as King George VI was called before he took the oath) developed with speech therapist Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush). Helena Bonham Carter plays his wife, Elizabeth.

The film is based on real events. Princess Elizabeth and her father watched a clip of Hitler’s speech, while Lillibet (mentioned in the film) asked, “Daddy, what is he talking about?” he asks. “I don’t know, but… he seems to say it pretty well,” she replies.

speech of the king One of the few films about the royal family that Elizabeth has seen in real life. He initially refused to watch the film, but when audiences got excited and the production won several Oscars, he gave up. It never became clear what the queen thought of the drama.

Freya Wilson plays the young Princess Elizabeth in The King’s Speech.

Emma Thompson in Dog Walking (2012)

Emma Thompson played Elizabeth in the drama series. playhouse gifts (2012-2015). Section let the dogs out He tells about the drama that took place in the life of Queen Elizabeth in Buckingham Palace. Michael Fagan enters in 1982 and manages to break into the queen’s bedroom.

Elizabeth is still sleeping at this hour. Her bodyguard had gone in through the door to walk the queen’s dogs. The thief has a short conversation with him. Elizabeth tries to call security on the phone on the bedside table, but gets no answer. Terrified.

Fagan says in an interview: Sun“When security didn’t come, she got out of bed. Her nightgown came to her knees. He said, ‘Wait a minute, let me find someone’ and ran out of the room barefoot.” let the dogs out Fagan has nothing good to say about it. He believes that the event should remain private and that there should be no drama.

Emma Thompson as Elizabeth in Walking the Dogs is awakened by a thief.

Helen Mirren, Queen (2006)

Helen Mirren’s Queen Elizabeth’s Portrait Queen is one of the most famous. She won the Academy Award for Best Actress with Mirren. Her talent as an actress could also count on the approval of the Queen: Elizabeth praised her work and invited her to dinner at Buckingham Palace.

Although Mirren had already met the Queen before, this meeting was less smooth. Inside Harper’s Bazaar she says: “I met her once before, and she was in a room full of others. So when I heard that the Queen had invited me to tea, I said, “Oh, I can handle it!” I thought. But guess what? When I entered the room, there were about eight people at the table: Prince Philip, the Queen, a sheikh from a country I don’t remember, and horse lovers.”

“I was given a cup of tea and the jug of milk was on the table next to Prince Philip. My brain is completely empty. Him sir? Or Your Majesty? Or Your Excellency? Too drunk, you say?”

Despite the inconvenience, the actress found the queen and her husband welcome to visit. “A shameful lesson, but they were very good.”

Helen Mirren received praise from Queen Elizabeth herself for her role in Queen.

Sarah Gadon at the Royal Evening (2015)

Inside royal evening Elizabeth’s teenage years are played by Sarah Gadon. This is a romantic comedy in which the princess flees the palace with her sister, Princess Margaret (Bel Powley), to celebrate a public celebration.

Queen Elizabeth seems to have done this in 1945. He writes in his diary: “Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly, Pall Mall, miles walked. I saw my relatives on the balcony at 12:30pm – eating, partying, in bed at 3am!” But Princess Margaret was only fourteen at the time and would not go with him.

Sarah Gadon and Bel Powley go out as princesses in A Royal Night Out.

Claire Foy and Olivia Colman in The Crown (2016-)

Several actresses play the role of Elizabeth. Crown. The popular Netflix series chronicles the life of the British royal family and spans decades.

The young Elizabeth was played by Claire Foy from her marriage in 1947 until the birth of Prince Edward in 1964. Olivia Colman took over the role of Foy in seasons three and four. The next actress to play Elizabeth is Imelda Staunton. But production of the popular Queen show was most likely halted after her death. Screenwriter Peter Morgan calls him “out of respect”.

The image of the queen in Crown Sally Bedell Smith, author of the Queen’s biography, says she doesn’t fit the “real” Elizabeth. “The show is more of a reflection of his existing public image. You have to see the show as a fictional portrait. There are even times when the truth is actually much more interesting or entertaining than the scene in the movie. Crown

Bedell Smith is sure Elizabeth has never watched the Netflix series. “He knew the series existed, but that’s about it. He also avoided movies or documentaries about him. According to his friends, he said: ‘I live this life every day, I don’t need to see it again. ”

Olivia Colman plays the great Elizabeth, who has faced many scandals.

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