Charles King, Prince William of Wales: How the British Royal Family is moving forward

Charles King, Prince William of Wales: How the British Royal Family is moving forward

The death of Queen Elizabeth logically shakes the British royal family. Charles has become king and other members of the royal family are now given different titles and duties. His son William became the new Prince of Wales. What will change?

by Danja Koeleman

Charles becomes King Charles III

After the death of his mother, Charles immediately became king. King Charles III is – as the name suggests – the third monarch to bear this name. King Charles I reigned from 1625 to 1649. King II. Charles reigned from 1660 to 1685.

Charles will be in deep mourning, but he is soon brought to a deep end: he will give his first speech as monarch on Friday afternoon. It also has an audience with new British Prime Minister Liz Truss and her cabinet. With the transition from queen to king, the English national anthem is also changed: the title becomes: God bless the kinginstead of God bless Queen.

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Camilla: kraliçe eşi

Uzun bir süre, Charles kral olduğunda Camilla’nın hangi unvanı alacağı belli değildi. Camilla, Cornwall Düşesi unvanını kullandı ve Galler Prensesi unvanını seçmedi – Charles’ın ilk karısı olan popüler Prenses Diana’ya saygısızlıktan.

Camilla’nın artan popülaritesi nedeniyle bu seçenek arka planda kaldı. Bu yılın başlarında Kraliçe Elizabeth, isteklerini açıklayarak unvanla ilgili herhangi bir tartışmayı gereksiz hale getirdi. Elizabeth, Şubat ayında Camilla’nın kraliçe eşi olmasını umduğunu söyledi.

Charles and Camilla: King and Queen consort.

William and Kate take over titles from Charles and Camilla

William is now heir to the throne as his father is king. In his first speech as king, his father announced that William would be given the title of Prince of Wales.

William is not only the Duke of Cambridge, but now the Duke of Cornwall, the Earl of Chester and the Duke of Rothesay. His wife, Catherine, now carries feminine titles. The duo’s Instagram channel has already been adapted for the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge. With his new title, William automatically became the owner of the Cornwall estate. This includes more than 524 kilometers of land spread over more than 23 regions. Before that, Charles owned these areas.

Their children also get new titles: George (9 years), Charlotte (7 years) and Louis (4 years) are now Princes of Cornwall and Cambridge.

New titles for Prince William and his family.

Meghan and Harry’s Children: Prince and Princess

With the death of Queen Elizabeth, Archie and Lilibet, the children of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have technically become princes and princesses. In 1917, King George ordered all descendants of a monarch to automatically assume this title.

Last year it was suggested in the British media that Charles might want to reduce this number. members of the royal family was once king. This means he can choose Archie and Lilibet not to be a prince and princess. Until there is an official statement from the king, Harry’s children actually have a title.

It seems unlikely that Harry and Meghan will get a chance to use these titles for their children. When Archie was born, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they did not want to give their children royal titles. And a year after Archie was born, Harry and Meghan stepped back into the royal family. As a result of this election, they lost the title of Her Majesty.

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