Luigi Mastroianni’s Girlfriend Anna Scuderi Pregnant In Hospital: “She Had An Illness”

Luigi Mastroianni’s Girlfriend Anna Scuderi Pregnant In Hospital: “She Had An Illness”

Luigi Mastroianni says that his girlfriend Anna Scuderi, pregnant with their first child, had an illness: she is in the hospital, “she will have to remain under observation”. Both she and the baby are out of danger.

Author: Gaia Martino

Luigi Mastroianni’s girlfriend Anna Scuderi, pregnant, has been stricken with illness. Last night the ex-tronist was supposed to attend an event in Mazzarone, but his partner’s health conditions forced him to cancel his presence. “For reasons related to the health of my pregnant partner, I am still in the emergency room of a hospital, I decided to stay by her side in this delicate moment.“He wrote in between his stories at night. So this morning he revealed some details about it, without revealing the cause of the illness.

The words of Luigi Mastroianni

In the last few hours, Luigi Mastroianni has updated fans on the condition of his pregnant partner Anna Scuderi. Stricken with illness, she was forced to rush to the emergency room. Now she must remain under observation for a few days, but both she and the baby she carries are out of danger, the new father specified.

I didn’t sleep, I spent the night in the hospital. I calm everyone down. Until last night we didn’t know anything about what Anna had. He fell ill, we rushed to the hospital and after checks a small problem was found. Both she and the baby are fine, she will have to be kept under observation until next week, but nothing too serious.

The former Men and Women tronist continued that tonight he will attend the event he is invited to in Gela: “Anna made me go back to work, so the Gela event is confirmed” he concluded.

Anna Scuderi’s Pregnancy

Last May Luigi Mastroianni and his girlfriend Anna Scuderi announced that they will soon become parents, in July the gender reveal: “It’s a boy” wrote the father-to-be, accompanying the news with images of the celebrated gender reveal. After the adventure for Men and Women and the break with the chosen suitor Irene Capuanothe former tronist turned the page and about a year later introduced his girlfriend, Anna Scuderi, a young man far removed from the entertainment world who will soon become the mother of his child.

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