Animation studio Pixar makes sequel to Inside Out

Animation studio Pixar makes sequel to Inside Out

There is a sequel to the animated film upside down the under construction. The sequel to the hit 2015 film also largely takes place in the mind of the now-teenage character Riley. Actress Amy Poehler announced this on Friday in Disney’s fan hall D23 Expo.

The original describes the emotions in the mind of a young girl who, as she enters puberty, must try to correct a big mistake.

Animation studio Pixar has not yet announced whether there will be a sequel without a name. upside down in theaters or on the Disney+ streaming service. The company said the sequel will hit theaters in summer 2024.

The anime movie will also be released that year. Elio Out is about a boy on another planet who is Earth’s messenger, who is the first person to accidentally come into contact with alien life.

The announcement was part of a panel where Disney and Pixar gave fans a preview of upcoming games. Oscar winner Barry Jenkins (Moonlight) announced the name lion kingprecursor: mufasa. This film tells the story of the early years of Simba’s father Mufasa and uncle Taka, who was nicknamed “Yara” in later films.

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