Marc-Marie Huijbregts: ‘Gert Verhulst can handle the criticism after one word’

Marc-Marie Huijbregts: ‘Gert Verhulst can handle the criticism after one word’

The first part of the Belgian program deals with the subject of being awake. However, things get out of hand when Gert and her guests use the n-word. Marc-Marie sits down in the second episode and decides to talk to Gert about it. Marc-Marie says, “Just because you don’t have a problem with a word doesn’t mean it isn’t meant for other people. You are a straight white man. We don’t care if you find everything difficult,” says Marc-Marie. time.

on the podcast Marc-Marie and Aaf find something recreates the event. Marc-Marie thinks that Gert has handled all the fuss well. “She understands me and can get over it if I say things like you have to go to therapy. He tries to keep an open mind and be a bit more up to date. And in any case, keep going. Just think. . “changes in the world.” That’s why he can appreciate Gert somewhere: “I also like that side of him. Being able to deal with it and enjoy it.”

Marc-Marie also returns to the “white straight” theme. “They act like they think straight white men shouldn’t say anything about anything. This tsunami is unstoppable because straight white men know everything.”

After all the fuss, program editor Elias Van Dingenen decides to quit his job after his first day at work. “I must have seen with regret how my boss dropped the n-word almost 30 times during the live broadcast on my first day at work,” he wrote in an open letter to the Belgian newspaper on Thursday. Morning. “I found it embarrassing and surreal to sit in front of the big screen just outside the debate studio. How can you be outside the world? What particularly disturbed the editor was that Gert did not appear at the editorial meeting after this much-discussed show. “If Mr Verhulst had been present at the editorial meeting, I would have decided to ask him a few questions. It seems he didn’t feel the need to attend the stormy first episode briefing. I also left.

Source: RTL