2022 Vitamin D Supplement of the Year –

With all the attention that has been paid to the benefits and importance of vitamin D in recent years, it’s no surprise that vitamin D has become a popular favorite for the second time in a row. This vitamin is not only one of the vitamins that the Health Council recommends for the majority of the Dutch population, but it has also received a lot of media attention for its contribution to the normal functioning of the immune system. Working on the immune system has been important for many people lately.

Other Favorites; magnesium, turmeric and omega-3

Voters can indicate their favorites in the vitamins and minerals, herbal and herbal supplements, and other supplements category. Vitamin D has emerged as the big winner. Magnesium came in second. Turmeric took the lead in the herbs and herbal supplements category. In the other supplement category, omega-3s have proven to be a clear favorite.

The main reason for using dietary supplements; work on resistance and support the immune system

When choosing, various reasons for the use of dietary supplements can be indicated. Nearly two-thirds (59%) of the participants indicated that the main reason for using dietary supplements was to work on resistance and support the immune system. 44% said they view the use of dietary supplements as part of a healthy lifestyle. The third also said they experienced positive effects after taking dietary supplements.

Read more about vitamin D

Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin. The skin can make its own vitamin D under the influence of the sun. This is also the reason why not everyone in the Netherlands gets enough vitamin D throughout the year. Especially in recent years a lot of homework and the Dutch sun, which is not always strong enough. That is why the Health Council advises certain population groups to supplement vitamin D throughout the year (see box).

Our bodies need vitamin D to have strong bones and teeth and to maintain muscle strength. In addition, vitamin D is important for our resistance. Vitamin D supplementation can also provide support for people who have winter blues or are somewhat depressed.

More information about magnesium

Magnesium plays a role in maintaining strong muscles and good memory. Magnesium is also important for energy production, nerve function, and bone and tooth formation. In addition, it appears to be good for blood pressure, circulation and nerve impulse transmission. Athletes use magnesium because it is good for muscle relaxation, muscle strength and endurance. There are indications that the magnesium requirement increases with exercise and stress. Magnesium is involved in the transmission of nerve impulses in the brain. People may benefit from a magnesium supplement to help them relax better.

More information about Turmeric

Turmeric, also called turmeric or turmeric, is derived from the Curcuma Longa plant. It is a spice used in curry dishes. Turmeric has not been known for very long as a dietary supplement, but it has gained a lot of fame in recent years. Turmeric won the Supplement of the Year award in 2019. There are indications that turmeric is good for flexible joints, supports the cholesterol level in the blood and promotes the functioning of the nervous system, such as memory and concentration. Turmeric may also support the immune system.

Learn more about omega-3 fatty acids

The Health Council recommends eating fish at least once a week. This advice for pregnant women even twice a week. However, the RIVM research into food consumption showed that we had not succeeded in this and we eat on average only half the recommended amount of fish. It is logical that omega-3-based dietary supplements, a source of fish oil, algae oil or krill oil, are popular in the Netherlands. Known for their contribution to our vision, omega-3 fatty acids are an important part of our brain and contribute to good blood pressure and normal fat levels in our blood.

By choosing the supplement of the year, IVG annually identifies the food supplement of choice of the Dutch and the main reasons for its use. It is a kind of dietary supplement and therefore not a specific brand. Last year, the Netherlands also chose vitamin D as their favorite, with multivitamin winners in 2020 and turmeric in first place in 2019.

Source: Gezond Heidsnet