The difference between the most expensive and the cheapest health insurance is more than 400 euros

The health insurance premiums for 2023 are known and, as expected, all health insurance policies will become more expensive next year. On average, the premium increases by more than ten euros per month and there are large price differences.

This is evident from calculations by various comparable companies such as PriceWise, Indexer and Zorgwijzer.

The basic insurance will increase by 12 euros next year to an average of 140 euros per month. Significant price differences stand out: The most expensive basic insurance is Own Choice, which will cost 156.50 euros per month from next year. The cheapest is available from ZEKUR for EUR 122.95 per month. There is a difference of 33.55 euros per month or 402.60 euros per year.

The greatest climbers

The three biggest risers in 2023 are the United Consumer Own Choice Police (plus € 18.37 per month), ZieZo Basis (plus € 17.70) and Police De Friesland Self-conscious (plus € 17.70 per month). What is striking is that the cheapest budget policies have become more expensive and are thus more or less disappearing. Approaching bonuses. The ZEKUR combination policy has become the cheapest: 3.45 euros per month.

The price of health insurance is of course important, but even more important is the coverage that this insurance offers. For example, asr’s most expensive basic insurance offers generous compensation for non-contractual service providers. As a result, a high premium to start with can be more advantageous. For example, if you are currently using services for which you receive a lower reimbursement than your current health insurance. Because insurers and healthcare providers contract (and cancel) every year, it is always important to check at the end of the year which contracts you currently have with healthcare providers. Think, for example, of physiotherapy, dentists and psychologists. Where the difference between the contract between an insurer and a healthcare provider can be hundreds of euros per year, the difference in premium is much smaller.

More transfers

Comparers expect that many more people will compare and switch health insurers. With high inflation, sharp price differentials and the disappearance of bulk discounts and differential fees, this has become a cost item for many to watch out for.

Source: Gezondheids Net

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