Action against drugs via Marktplaats

If you buy sleeping pills, erection pills or strong painkillers via Marktplaats, you actually enter the illegal circle with all the associated risks. The Health and Youth Inspectorate (IGJ) and Marktplaats are now taking joint action to prevent this.

Take, for example, the erection drug Sildenafil (Viagra), which is only available in pharmacies with a doctor’s prescription. Marktplaats is not a pharmacy, so it is not allowed. From now on, the provider will be notified that this is not allowed and that he can contact the inspectorate if he has any questions. The organizer and Marktplaats announced this on 14 November. “Unfortunately, it is still very common for people to go to the doctor with complaints caused by medicines bought illegally on the internet. We ask general practitioners and pharmacists to comply with this. Consumers should also not be misled into buying these unsafe medicines in this way.”

What’s in it?

What are the concrete risks? According to the regulator, it is often unknown whether illegal drugs are safe. For example, it contains a different active substance than the packaging promises. For example, instead of an erection drug, there is another drug in it. What happens when it makes you sick is often a mystery to the doctor. There is also fraud. You order erection pills, you pay but in the end you get nothing.

Legally order medicines online

On the other hand, more and more drugs are bought and sold online. Is all this forbidden? No, there are more than 500 recognized providers, for example B. “ordinary” pharmacies or official online pharmacies that also sell medicines via the internet. You can recognize them by a logo with a green cross. You will also find approved providers in the checklist. So you can get a prescription medicine from an online pharmacy, but you also need to provide a prescription.


Doctor Joris Bartstra of the Dokterspost section regularly receives questions from readers about the online sale of erection pills. “The problem with buying erection pills online is that you don’t really know what you are buying and where it comes from. “I wouldn’t take the risk, especially if your health is more fragile,” says Bartstra in one of the answers.

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