The monthly health insurance premium increases by 10 euros

All health care premiums for 2023 are known. Insured parties can compare different premiums and change them if desired. You can cancel your health insurance until the end of the year.

Comparison portal Zorgwijzer has calculated that the basic insurance costs an average of 138.45 euros per month. That is an average of ten euros more than in 2022. Policyholders can choose from 68 different basic policies. That is five fewer than in 2022.

Cheap policies in particular will become more expensive next year. The biggest climb is United Consumers’ Personal Choice policy. This costs 18.37 euros more per month. Other transparent risers are ZieZo Basis and De Friesland Self-conscious Policy (+17.70 euros each), Interpolis ZorgCompact (+16.45 euros) and FBTO Basis (+16.00 euros).

Health insurers Anderzorg and ZieZo will no longer offer the cheapest health insurance in 2023. Insured persons who do not switch to another insurer pay 20 euros more per month.

cheapest policy

The five cheapest basic insurance policies are VinkVink, FBTO, Univé United Consumers Bewuzt, Just and CZdirect. These policies charge a monthly premium of between €125 and €128.30. With this premium, the insured has a mandatory exemption of only 385 euros and no voluntary exemption. The insured of these health insurers can also go to all hospitals. Zekur has a slightly cheaper basic insurance, 122.95 euros per month, but the insured cannot go to every hospital with this policy.

the most expensive

With a refund policy, the insured is free to choose the service provider. It does not matter whether you have a contract with the health insurer or not. Reimbursement policies are therefore more expensive than real estate policies. For 2023, there are only six different refund policies to choose from. The cheapest is Stad Holland (€ 140.75 per month), followed by CZ Zorgkeuzepolis (€ 149), Aevitae/EUCARE Refund (€ 149.95), Menzis Basis Vrij (152.75), Zilveren Kruis Basis Exclusief (152, 75) and asr Personal Choice (156.50). euros). The price difference between a refund policy and other health insurers averages 203 euros per year. 17 euros per month. In 2017, the difference was less than 9 euros.

collectively insured

Dutch people who are currently collectively insured, for example through their employer, patient association or other affiliated organization, will pay considerably more next year. The group discount of up to five percent on the basic insurance is no longer valid from 1 January 2023. The four major insurers Zilveren Kruis, VGZ, CZ and Menzis have an average monthly increase of 14 euros per person. About sixty percent of the Dutch population is collectively insured.

Additional insurance

In addition to the basic insurance, many insurers also have supplementary insurance, for example for physiotherapy or dentistry. About one in seven Dutch people are considering canceling their supplementary insurance to save costs. This is evident from a study by comparison site independer. Almost half of this group also fears that they will avoid healthcare.


You can switch to another health insurance policy at the end of the year. There are various comparison portals where all health insurers can be compared with each other. You can cancel your current insurance until the end of the year. New health insurance must be taken out no later than January next year. It is strongly recommended not to cancel your current insurance policy without taking out a new insurance policy. Health insurers are obliged to accept basic insurance.

Source: Gezondheids Net

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