There is officially a flu epidemic in the Netherlands

There are several respiratory viruses circulating

There is a flu epidemic in the Netherlands. The number of patients has increased rapidly in the past two weeks. Various laboratories, hospitals and general practitioners report this.

In the Netherlands, we speak of a flu epidemic when more than 58 out of 100,000 people go to the doctor for two weeks in a row with flu-like symptoms and at least 10 percent of these people have the flu virus.

Based on these figures alone, it is difficult to determine whether there will be a flu epidemic this year. The symptoms of flu are very similar to the symptoms of COVID-19. Many people with flu symptoms are now having themselves tested for corona and are less able to go to the doctor. Despite this, the number of people with flu-like symptoms has increased so much that it is referred to as an epidemic.

In addition to the flu virus, there are other viruses circulating in the Netherlands that cause respiratory complaints. Such as RS virus, coronavirus, human metapneumovirus and rhinovirus.

  • Author: Ilona Meernik
  • Source: Gezondheids Net

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