In 2022, more than 2.5 million Dutch people tried to waste

Low-carb diet most popular

Last year, more than 2.5 million Dutch people took action to lose weight. They spent a total of 300 million euros on slimming products and services. Of the diets, the low-carbohydrate diet was the most popular last year.

This is shown by Monitoring Healthy Lifestyle, a large-scale study by Multiscope among more than 5,000 Dutch people.

Diet and nutrition advice most popular

Nearly one in five Dutch people (18 percent) did something to lose weight in the past year. This corresponds to more than 2.5 million Dutch people aged 18 and older. Most Dutch people opt for a diet (10 percent), 7 percent seek professional nutritional advice, 3 percent follow a specific slimming program and another 3 percent use slimming products such as shakes or meals.

In total, the Dutch spent more than 300 million euros on weight loss products and services last year. With a turnover of more than 226 million euros, the nutritional advice category has by far the largest share. This is followed by slimming products (42 million euros) and slimming programs (32 million euros).

The most preferred low-carb diet

25 percent of Dutch dieters prefer a low-carbohydrate diet. It is striking that in second place (17 percent) “something of themselves”. People who say this do not follow any particular diet, they impose certain rules on themselves. For example, they eat half of everything or stop eating sugary snacks. This is followed by a low-calorie diet of 10 percent. 5 percent of the Dutch who follow a diet opted for a ketogenic diet. In addition, 5 percent practice intermittent fasting.

The Healthy Lifestyle Monitor is a large-scale study into sports, healthy nutrition, nutritional supplements and health monitoring in the Netherlands by research organization Multiscope. The survey was conducted among 5,051 respondents aged 18 and over, representing the Dutch population.

  • Author: Frances Van Dalen
  • Source: Gezondheids Net

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