MLDS: “Reduce the screening age for colorectal cancer to 50”

Colon cancer takes 12 lives every day

In the Netherlands, 33 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer every day. This makes it one of the most common cancers. The Maag Liver en Bowel Foundation (MLDS) is therefore committed to lowering the age limit for screening for colorectal cancer from 55 to 50.

March is internationally recognized as Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. That is why the Stomach-Darmstichting is asking special attention this month for bowel cancer and the seven symptoms of bowel cancer. Astrid Streng, project leader of the Stomach, Liver and Bowel Foundation (MLDS), said: “Bolt cancer takes twelve lives every day. That’s an impressive but depressing figure. Fortunately, over the years we see a decrease in the number of people who die from colon cancer, because it is less common but detected earlier.”

Early detection through population screening

When colon cancer is detected at an early stage, there are more options for treating the disease. Even after cancer there is a greater chance of recovery and a better quality of life. That is precisely why the population screening (BVO) for bowel cancer was started at the initiative of MLDS. The Dutch population screening detects thousands of cases of bowel cancer and even prevents one in three deaths from the disease. But it can be even more successful. That is why the MLDS advocates lowering the age limit from 55 to 50 years. It complies with European directives, provides health benefits and is relatively easy to organise.

Stay awake, look back

It is recommended that every Dutch person, regardless of age, is always vigilant in addition to BVO. It starts with looking back after a visit to the toilet and recognizing the signs of colon cancer. Not everyone knows the symptoms of colon cancer. That is why MLDS recommends the specially developed 7-signal test to recognize signals. And always go to the doctor if you have blood in your stool.

alcohol risk

There is strong evidence that alcohol is associated with an increased risk of colon cancer. For example, every glass of alcohol per day increases the risk of colon cancer by 7 percent. Those who drink two or more glasses of alcohol per day have an increased risk of colon cancer. That is why MLDS, together with KWF, leads the Alcohol Prevention Healthy Generations Alliance. Allianz is working with other health insurers on a healthy generation in 2040.

  • Author: Frances Van Dalen
  • Source: Gezondheids Net