Recognition of women with complaints after caesarean section

Many women who give birth via caesarean section experience symptoms such as abdominal pain, blood loss or fertility problems. In an international study, researchers from Amsterdam UMC gave these symptoms a name: Cesarean Scar Disorder (CSDi). Women with these conditions caused by a diseased scar in the uterus are recognized. Identifying this condition also offers opportunities for comparative research, which ultimately leads to more and better treatment options.

More than 30,000 women in the Netherlands undergo a caesarean section every year. About 18,000 of them form a niche in the uterus with a bulging scar. About 10,000 women complain about it. Amsterdam UMC, the competence center for working on niches, is exploring this together with foreign competence centres. Until now there was no universal definition of this disease and studies have not been able to compare it.

international agreement

Based on the medical literature, research physician Saskia Klein Meuleman, together with gynecologists Robert de Leeuw and Judith Huirne, organized a study with 31 international gynecologists who specialize in female symptoms after a caesarean section. This resulted in a clear definition of the disease, which symptoms were appropriate and what was needed to make a diagnosis. Klein Meuleman: “We have also defined the disease for women with these complaints. They recognized themselves in this subject and did not add anything to it.” The research has been published in the scientific journal JAMA Network Open.

Find help faster

Thanks to this research, women can now get a clear diagnosis. Finding the right treatment is now also easier. Pregnant women can also be better informed about the complications that can occur after a caesarean section. Klein Meuleman: “Cesarean section is a very important and often life-saving procedure. However, it is important that we do not underestimate the long-term impact of this surgery on a person’s quality of life.” Women should be informed about this before having a caesarean section. You can take this information into account when making any decision about a cesarean section. You will also notice these symptoms more quickly and call for help more quickly if necessary.

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  • Source: Health Net