Is it very urgent? This is the most toilet friendly community


The Gelderland municipality of West Maas en Waal has been named the most toilet-friendly municipality in the Netherlands this year. This population group has relatively more opportunities to use public toilets. This is evident from research by the Maag Lever Intestine (MLDS) Foundation, RTL News reported on Thursday.

Every year, MLDS, in collaboration with Hoge Nood, presents a list of the most toilet-friendly communities in the Netherlands. Veere and Amersfoort are also high in the rankings. The municipality of Steenbergen has made great strides in terms of facilities and is therefore the fastest growing municipality.

Organizations are investigating options for paying or free access to a public toilet. They base the data on toilets that you can find via the app. They want to draw attention to the fourth Dutchman in the rankings, who often does not dare to leave the house due to a lack of toilets.

toilet friendly

There has been a slight increase in ‘toilet friendliness’ in the Netherlands, but this is mainly due to local policy. “More communities that are partners of the HogeNood app and better compliance with the toilet standard: one toilet per 500 meters in city and village centers,” Klabbers, vice-president of MLDS, told RTL News.

Many improvements are still possible and necessary. The Netherlands also performs poorly compared to other countries. “For example, in Paris there are 750 public toilets for two million people, while in the Netherlands there are seven hundred toilets for eighteen million people. Of these, 220 urinals and only 176 are wheelchair accessible,” says Klabbers.

HogeNood app

Are you afraid to leave the house because you need a toilet and can’t find it? Download the HogeNood app. In the application you will find public and open toilets.

Apply for a medical toilet permit

Do you have bladder and/or intestinal problems and do you have to go to the toilet regularly (unexpectedly)? You can then request a medical toilet card. With this ID you can prove that you need to go to the toilet for medical reasons. In many public places you are not allowed to use the toilet if you are only there to use the toilet. Use of the toilet is permitted upon presentation of this ID.

This is how the HogeNood app works

  • Author: Ilona Meernik
  • Source: HealthNet