KWF: 40,000 cases of cancer per year could be prevented

A third of cancer cases in the Netherlands are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and living environment. This is evident from research that TNO carried out on behalf of KWF Kankerbestrijding.

According to KWF, approximately 40,000 cases of cancer could be prevented thanks to a healthier lifestyle. Smoking is still the most common cause of cancer in the Netherlands. An estimated 19,095 diagnoses can be attributed to this. Other causes include sun exposure and an unhealthy diet, such as too little fruit and vegetables and too much processed meat.

prevent cancer

“This research shows that we have an impact on a third of all forms of cancer,” says KWF director Carla van Gils. ‘An important part of. “If we take these results seriously and effectively eliminate risk factors with a targeted prevention policy, up to 40,000 cancer diagnoses could be saved annually.”

KWF says that the new cabinet can make the biggest difference. “We can prevent many cases of cancer in the future with measures that have proven effective, such as raising the price of tobacco or banning the marketing of unhealthy food and alcohol. “And this is urgently needed because the healthcare system is already experiencing serious overload.”

Promote a healthier lifestyle

A healthier lifestyle should also be encouraged. “Offer children an attractive playing environment or make sports subscriptions accessible,” says Van Gils.

  • Author: Ilona Meernik
  • Source: Healthnet