The Stomach Liver Gut Foundation: “Listen better to your digestion” –

With a roaring drum solo as a wake-up call, Maag Lever Darm Stichting (MLDS) wants to make the Netherlands think about digestion. It is the place where all kinds of diseases arise and the solution to more health. We can prevent illness by taking our stomach seriously, consuming more fiber and being alert to the first signs when something goes wrong.

With his primal cry, drummer Crissy Lee (79) becomes the voice of the two million abdominal patients in the Netherlands, many of whom have to deal with shame, fear or despair every day due to digestive problems. And who is tired of the taboo surrounding these diseases. Such as Mouna Laroussi (40), who performed the theater performance ‘Schijziek’ in her stoma.

Diseases such as colon cancer, fatty liver and chronic inflammatory diseases can occur in the digestive system. But there is growing scientific evidence that other serious conditions, such as metabolic disorders, immune system disorders and cardiovascular disease, also originate in the digestive tract. And brain disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. “Diseases we can partially prevent if we listen more closely to our digestive system,” said Bernique Tool, director of MLDS. “People often underestimate the importance of the digestive system to our health. A representative example shows that only 1 in 10 people know what digestion does. By listening to him, we can take better care of him. Our appeal is also addressed to physicians and political decision-makers. Everyone should understand that the source of our health is the digestive system.”

listen to your courage

The new MLDS slogan, Take Courage, shows a deeper truth behind this popular slogan: Your digestive system tells you all about your health. It is also said that you only live once. An expression that brings you face to face with reality. So take your stomach seriously, eat healthier and control your poop.

Source: Gezond Heidsnet