Florida publishes guide discouraging covid vaccine for most children –

Florida publishes guide discouraging covid vaccine for most children –

There is no vaccination requirement in Florida. DeSantis held a special legislative session in November to ban any such action by private or public agencies and to ban masked powers.

Public health experts say Tallahassee’s latest message, which goes against the advice of all national health and medical agencies, could harm children.

“Misinformation and negative messages from those in power offering individual opinions not based on science are bad for the health of our children,” said Mobin Rathor, pediatric infectious disease specialist and professor at the University of Florida.

Parents may be confused by what most doctors and DeSantis management recommend, Rathor said.

“Parents need to listen to their pediatrician first,” Rathor said. “They don’t care except for the health of the children.”

DeSantis and Ladapo call their vaccination recommendations for healthy children the “Covid Theater,” with masks and social distancing. “We have always supported the data and rejected the narrative,” the governor said at a panel discussion in West Palm Beach on Monday.

State Department guidelines state that clinical trials have “more severe side effects than expected among those receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.” But it does not provide the sources for that claim, but a page on the Food and Drug Administration website explaining what a generally serious side effect is.

This study found that the coding is milder in children than adults, but can lead to serious illness and long-term complications. Children “play an important role in the transmission of the virus,” she added. “Therefore, finding safe and effective vaccines for school-age children is critical,” the report said. She said.

The landing office did not respond to a request for comment on the findings.

Nearly 1,600 children died during a Covid outbreak in the United States, 44 of them in Florida.

“It goes against any medical advice that the government goes out and says that healthy children don’t need vaccines,” said Rupal Limaie, a health communications scientist at Johns Hopkins University. “We shouldn’t experience Covid-related infant deaths. This is not normal. It is a preventive thing. You can vaccinate children and this vaccine is very effective and safe.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Association of State and Regional Health Officers reiterated its position on the need to vaccinate children over the age of 5. Millions of children in this country have received the coronavirus vaccine since the FDA first approved it for their age group last year.

“The data shows that vaccines are one of the most effective ways to protect people, including children, from COVID-19 by preventing serious illness, hospitalization and death,” said Nirav Shah, president and director of the organization. Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention. “Now is the time to help more families and communities protect themselves through vaccination.”

Jacksonville’s mother, Katie Hathaway, said she vaccinated her two children as soon as they were available, but said she was aware of some parents who were still on the fence. The governor’s sentence was “dangerous,” she said.

“I feel like a governor, it’s just constant pressure from politics and it’s very divisive,” Hathaway said. He will not benefit anyone, especially children, whose lives are in danger from this pandemic, “she said.

Source: Washington Post