More and more health problems due to financial stress and poverty

GPs are busy with patients who complain about financial stress and poverty. It is understandable that people turn to their family for this, financial psychologist Anne Abbenes told the ANP. “Inflation doesn’t even have to be felt in the portfolio. It can also be stressful to read a lot about it in the media. Inflation is now at a record high, reaching a staggering 12% in August. The group of people with money worries will only grow.

died six years ago

Professor Gera Nagelhout of L1mburg Centraal explains that she is also very concerned about the current situation. Nagelhout conducts research into the health of people from a lower social class. “Research shows that people from a lower social class live in poorer health for 15 years and die on average six years earlier.” According to Nagelhout, people with a fear of money experience extreme stress, which can lead to mental and physical ailments, even diabetes, heart failure and cancer.

Also dangerous for children

Financial stress and poverty can also affect children. Poverty can lead to low brain development. Children and young people living in poverty have more physical and psychological problems than their wealthy peers. They are also more overweight, feel less happy, have more problems with their parental bond and are more negative about their lives and future.

Adults living with financial stress, debt or poverty are more likely to experience chronic stress, an unhealthy lifestyle or chronic illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Psychosocial problems or parental problems are also more common. These adults are generally less happy.

state aid

Due to inflation, the government is working on a support program for low and middle incomes. The government wants to release 15 billion euros for this from 1 January. Professor Nagelhout of L1mburg Centraal is surprised: “The heating has to be on before January, so help comes too late. We have seen that laws are passed quickly in times of Corona. Why not in this crisis? ?”

Source: Gezond Heidsnet