Rome, Giorgia Meloni takes the center-right square: “Ready for presidentialism”

All together again, on the same stage, as has not happened since January 2020. After almost a thousand days Giorgia Meloni, Silvio Berlusconi and Matteo Salvini find themselves united in Piazza del Popolo, in Rome, for the final event of the center-right electoral campaign . The same happened in Ravenna, more than two years ago, on the occasion of the regional of Emilia Romagna. Then it ended badly, with the defeat of Lucia Borgonzoni, while this time victory seems very close. Certainly, the historic Roman square confirms that the balance of power within the coalition has shifted. The Knight and the Captain seem to act as a ‘shoulder’ for Meloni, and also the look that returns the event speaks of a prevalence of the flags of the Brothers of Italy in relation to those of the Lega and Forza Italia.

The photo opportunity – which sees Salvini, Berlusconi, Lupi and Meloni all together on stage – arrives immediately, at the beginning of the event (which starts more than an hour after the announced time), also because at the end he is alone on stage, the president of Fratelli d’Italia who ends her speech with Pupo’s ‘About us’ notes. Neither the leader of Forza Italia nor the secretary of the League remains until the end credits, after speaking respectively from the stage (set up under the Pincio, with two large screens on either side) for a quarter of an hour and 20 minutes. Much longer is the time of Meloni who, after being introduced by actor and voice actor Pino Insegno, occupies the scene for more than half an hour, sending an unequivocal message to the center left: “The only ones who are afraid are they because they understood that their power system is about to end. We are ready and you will see that on September 25th, Sunday, until the last vote.” “We are going to build a solid, cohesive government, with a strong popular mandate that will last 5 years in power, enjoy or not of the left”, he attacks again, warning his opponents: “We will carry out a presidential reform of the Italian institutions, and we will be happy if the left wants to lend us a hand. But if the Italians give us the numbers, we’ll do it anyway”. Italy is the experiment of applying the Chinese model to a western country. The ‘Hope model’ gave us a nation that had the greatest restrictions and at the same time the highest rates of contagion and mortality. We will no longer cede our fundamental freedoms to these sorcerer’s apprentices!”

In front of a square only partially crowded (4-5 thousand people), and controlled by the police (about ten armored vehicles called to guard the perimeter), it was the founder of the center-right Silvio Berlusconi who broke the ice. “We are many and they all wave our flags together, with those of our great country, Italy. They are here because we are united, we are the true majority of the country – assures the Cav, underlining that” Italy does not want to be ruled by the left. . We have a great future to achieve together, in which Italy can resume the path of growth and well-being. “Salvini also touches on the key to coalition unity.” he declares before attacking European foreign ministers who do not welcome a center-right Italian government: “We are not going to change our international position. We are and will remain in the family of free and democratic countries. We are not paid to anyone, but I want to govern an Italy that is respected, that goes into the world with its head held high without taking orders from anyone. I’m sick of hearing from half the world explaining how Italians should vote. May they put their hearts in peace in Berlin, Paris and Brussels. Let’s go to win and for five years we rule together”.

The grand finale, as mentioned, is about Meloni, who rejects “the idea of ​​democracy” according to which “if you win the elections, but you’re not from the Democratic Party, you don’t have the right to govern, if you lose the elections and you’re from the Democratic Party, so you must govern. But this Italy is about to end and ends on Sunday.” “Their thesis is: we have nothing to say, but since Meloni is dangerous, you hold your nose and vote left… , because the air we breathe here is an air of freedom. It’s time to stop holding your nose.”

Source: IL Tempo