UTE union defends teachers’ strike in city: ‘More lessons is no more education’

UTE union defends teachers’ strike in city: ‘More lessons is no more education’

Paula Galiniana, a representative of UTE, accused the Buenos Aires administration of “surprised media statements” and without consultation, affecting the educational community; “They want us to work on Saturdays,” he complained.

Concentration of the Union of Education Workers (UTE) and the Association of Secondary and Higher Education Teachers (Ademys) this morning in Corrientes and Callao
Concentration of the Union of Education Workers (UTE) and the Association of Secondary and Higher Education Teachers (Ademys) this morning in Corrientes and Callao

Communications Secretary UTE-Ctera, Paula GalinianaProtected this morning Teacher’s strike which takes place in the city of Buenos Aires in order to refuse training on Saturdays, which was recently adopted by the government of Buenos Aires. Faced with the question of termination as a measure of force, he argued that “More days of class is not more education” And blamed the administration Horacio Rodriguez Laretta to make “surprise media announcements”.

in the dialogue AM 910The teacher complained: “We are harassed and we try to be disciplined with marketing policy That the only thing he is looking for is to position Lareta in the presidential race, using education as a campaign slogan without actually giving a single answer to what is happening in the schools of the city of Buenos Aires.”

Then he considered the reasons for the strike. “Of course, They ask us to go to work on Saturday, our training on Saturday, institutional improvement spaces, To restore a holiday that had characteristics that I don’t need to expand…”, Galiniana began and continued: “A holiday that the government minimizes and puts under the same conditions as if it were a non-working day because of that. Weather conditions when it came to the assassination attempt on the Vice President.”

After that he emphasized: Rodríguez Lareta wants us to work on Saturday. The working conditions do not say that.”

Led by Soledad Acuna of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Education, they estimated that Compliance with the teaching strike was 26%. “Most unions did not defend this measure of force. Those who joined are the same ones whose schools were closed for two years. 100 hours of teacher training are held in the city per year. And what we want is Comply with the right of children to be in school and the right of teachers to receive training. Our proposal was that the institutional conferences, which are usually held on working days, should be held on Saturdays, but on lease”, explained the minister.

One of the demonstrators was protesting in the city of Buenos Aires this Thursday
One of the demonstrators was protesting in the city of Buenos Aires this Thursday

Galiniana, although he admitted that trips To be held on Saturdays—only three times in 2023— There will be an additional charge for additional lesson daysHe blamed the government of Buenos Aires for this “Surprised Media Announcements” in which “They say things in the air”. In this sense he assured that “Nowhere is it written under what conditions all this will be” and that “[no se informó] how much [tiempo] There will be days and how much will actually be paid.” And he insisted: “I do not agree that the working conditions are not respected. More school days is not more education.”

He later expressed his displeasure with the Buenos Aires president over the alleged lack of dialogue with the teachers. “As teachers, we are the ones who know it would be good if Laretta and [Soledad] Akuna, listen to us. We are not summoned, we are informed about every event by the media,” he said.

When asked about it Duration of force measurement Set for this Thursday, said: “We are going to continue to resist and demand the working and learning conditions that schools need.. And we’re going to demand that the city government stop politicking our jobs and children and education and sit down with workers, parents and students.”

Finally, he stated: “More school days are lost due to lack of vacancies or defective buildings than due to union conflicts. It is the City Hall that will invest in education that leaves 55,000 children without vacancies in schools, does not repair buildings and does not guarantee the number of teachers. More teachers are needed, not more hours. If there were only teachers’ strikes, we wouldn’t be talking about any problems.”

In a statement calling for the strike, UTE announced the end today “Decentralized activity” throughout the city “Against the subjugation of historically conquered rights by workers and against respecting the Monday through Friday teaching workday.”

One of the flags was carried by UTE protestors
One of the flags was carried by UTE protestors

According to the details, the schedule will have a “Traffic light and public class” at 11 Acoit and Rivadavia; In addition to various “traffic lights” in the afternoon at various intersections in the Buenos Aires area. will also be A caravan that will go from the corner of Varela and Cruz to La Rioja and Caseros.

“Boys are left without lessons”

After the announcement of UTE, Soledad Akuna He had already questioned the unions in a series of messages on Twitter yesterday.

“They say they protect education, but they leave children without lessons. again. The other day. As if the pandemic wasn’t enough, “Keep and Feed is an Educational Tragedy”, the official raised, saying that the strike was being called by “the same people who fought against the closed schools.” “We are not surprised They are the most predictable. They do politics.” Express your opinion.

He argued that the Buenos Aires government adopted this measure to prevent students from missing more days of class, explaining that in addition Teachers receive additional pay for attending training on Saturdays.

“They also stopped short of opposing ‘Zoom’ during distance learning and calling for ‘virtuality’ when we managed to reopen schools. “They stopped again to say ‘no’ to the IMF and to show solidarity again with the ‘companion’ convicted of setting fire to the Chubut legislature,” he said.

And closed: “They use the school and the boys as field of dispute party and encourage student unions to take over colleges. I’m going to say it a thousand times. It doesn’t matter what the argument is: The right to education cannot be violated.”

In turn, Ademys union secretary Amanda Martin said that teachers receive meager salaries. Therefore, they are forced to work up to three shifts a day. To this load, added Martin, will be added the study day, which the Ministry of Education of Buenos Aires intends to implement on Saturdays. In addition, these conferences, called Spaces for Institutional Improvement (EMI), according to Martin, violate what is established in the teaching charter.

“The change in teachers’ working hours due to low salaries has a very big impact. Most of them take two or three positions because they cannot do otherwise. And now the day is even longer Why should they go to practice on Saturdays?, when this, in addition, violates the teaching charter. Teacher training for any changes in the work area must be during the working day, known as “in-service”. For this reason, today, teachers joined en masse and many schools closed their doors,” explained Martin.

Eduardo López, Secretary General of the City CTA, Union Secretary of Ctera and Deputy Secretary General of UTE, He added that the inconvenience is not only because the training will be held on Saturdays starting in October, but also because the government of Buenos Aires plans to hold promotional competitions on weekends. “Teachers with the highest scores go to these competitions to compete for positions. This was also always done during the week. We should have come to the government headquarters on Saturdays, if it is open, I am going to go this Saturday, is Laretta working or not,” the trade unionist claims.

Source: La Nacion