Citizenship income, Ronzulli displaces Palombelli: it must be doubled, here’s how

“I’ll surprise you,” says Italian senator Licia Ronzulli in Barbara Palombelli’s speech after she asked what Forza Italia thinks about citizen income. “Forza Italia says it should even be folded,” say the supporters of Silvio Berlusconi in the Senate in Lombardy and Puglia, and candidate for the plurinominal in Piedmont during the Friday, September 23 episode of Tonight Italia, on Rete4.

Should the citizen’s income be doubled? But how? “It’s very simple – argues Ronzulli – there are people who really need a subsidy, and we’ve seen this during the Covid pandemic”. “Without the DRC, these people who live below the poverty line today wouldn’t even be here to talk about it. The income worked for those who really need it” explains the senator who goes into the merits of the proposal: “It is appropriate to think about living with 700-800 euros of citizen income in a period like this “of rising bills and fuel, expensive living, inflation and “hope not a recession”.

To increase the check, the money will be “taken from those who cheat the State”, taking away the Citizenship Income without meeting the requirements, thus depriving those who really need it, concludes Ronzulli.

Source: IL Tempo