The opposition rejects the expansion of the court and claims that it will be stopped in the Chamber of Deputies.

The opposition rejects the expansion of the court and claims that it will be stopped in the Chamber of Deputies.

He warned that the reform is part of a backlash against Justice Christina Kirchner; “The only thing the Frente de Todos is dedicated to is its search for impunity,” said the JxC national desk.

Opposition leaders claim that if the court expansion is approved in the Senate, it will not go to the deputies.
Opposition leaders claim that if the court expansion is approved in the Senate, it will not go to the deputies.

The ruling party has called for a meeting on Thursday in the Senate to approve it Extension of the court unites together for change in rejecting the initiative. Speakers of the main opposition coalition, which had already expected to fail to establish a quorum in the upper house, rejected the measure, which was aimed at raising high court judges. They agreed that the reform responds to interests Christina Kirchner and noted that this shows that the government’s call for dialogue is “not sincere”. In the same line, they warned that the project will not be able to advance among the deputies.

“Tomorrow we will not reach a quorum, but if Kirchnerism does, we will show on the ground how this reform is only trying to serve the personal agenda of the vice president,” the senator said. Martin Lusto A And I will add: “There is no technical or political reason to support this merry project that seeks to take the Supreme Court of Justice into the hands of the Peronist governors.”. If they really wanted justice to be more flexible, we would consider transferring services to the city.”

Along the same lines, the President of the Radical Group of the Senate, Louis Naidenoff: “It’s another chapter in the most important path for Christina Kirchner, which has nothing to do with people’s agendas. This is a crude and absurd attempt to make him obsessed with justice“- he told the media outlet and assured: “Everything that Kirchneriz tried in court matters was a failure. This is another attempt that may pass the Senate, but sleep in the deputies“.

“Deputies have no limit,” he agreed John Manuel LopezPresident of the bloc Civil coalition And I will add: “This is a concrete threat to justice before public work is brought out“.

Leaders agreed that the ruling party’s willingness to understand the issue shows they “can’t believe” the government’s call to “reduce change” a few days ago. “This is a clear example. You can’t believe the dialogue of those who always cursed him“, I think Naidenoff. “This is another issue that prevents dialogue,” said Lopez. “They speak of peace and declare war on the institutions of the Republic“- said the head of Pro Patricia Bullrich In dialogue with this media.

Senator from Mendoza Alfredo Cornejo He argued that “the Court’s attitude toward modification demonstrates that Kirchnerism should be accepted for what they do, not what they say.” The former president of UCR concluded: “On the one hand, they talk about dialogue, and on the other hand, they call a session without minimal agreement with the opposition.”.

The government’s call for dialogue is not sincere“- he said Mario Nigri via his Twitter account. “If they wanted to reach an agreement with the opposition to strengthen democracy, they would not have tried at any cost in the Senate to approve the expansion of the court to 25 members, a folly that can only be explained by the search for impunity,” he said. President of the UCR bloc in the lower house, adding: “If Kirchnerism succeeds in expanding the court in the Senate, it will be a distracting step. He has no votes in the deputies. In addition, each new Minister of Justice needs 2/3 of the Senate, the majority who do not have and will not have. The Constitution protects us from authoritarianism.”

in turn Paula OlivetThe national deputy of the SSC said: “Do you think that with the current crisis in the country, the Senate will vote for the expansion of the court?” Do you think we Argentinians are Cristina’s tools to enforce justice? Who are accomplices? Who is talking to these incredible people?“.

“Kichnerism among MPs asks the opposition to take institutional responsibility for handling the budget that we have. And in the Senate they irresponsibly continue to pass unconstitutional legislation to replace the Supreme Court. They are irreparable.” The deputy announced this on the social network Silvia Lospenato (pro).

Alejandro “Topo” RodriguezFederal Interbloc personally deemed the reform “unlucky” and also criticized the government for choosing to move forward with the measure. “Instead of institutional fantasies, the government should deal with inflation and social crisis,” he said..

JxC National Desk

A few hours after the confirmation of tomorrow’s session, the National Desk of “Together for Change” published a statement rejecting “attempts to attack justice that lead to the distancing of institutions from the real problems of Argentines” and stating that “The only thing everyone’s front is dedicated to is the search for his impunity.”

There is no consensus building in the political leadership that the public today claims and demands if the government itself promotes an agenda that has nothing to do with addressing inflation, reducing poverty, ending insecurity. Engaging large sectors of our society in the world of work, generating agreements to increase investment in strategic sectors of our economy by establishing clear and permanent rules,” they concluded.

Source: La Nacion