Without promoting reform, Axel Kitsilof admits that the suspension of PASO is being discussed among governors.

Without promoting reform, Axel Kitsilof admits that the suspension of PASO is being discussed among governors.

For now, the governor of Buenos Aires is not promoting a change in the electoral calendar in his district, as other provincial PJ leaders are doing; President Alberto Fernandez said the discussion could not be stopped.

Governor Axel Kitsilof's vote in the 2021 elections;  The governor is not one of those who are promoting the suspension of PASO
Governor Axel Kitsilof’s vote in the 2021 elections; The governor is not one of those who are promoting the suspension of PASO

LA PLATA.- Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, Axel KitsiloIt is acknowledged that there is an open debate Repeal of the Simultaneous and Compulsory Open Primary (PASO)., but he passed the clarification on to the National Congress and decided not to publicly boycott the plan, which many Peronist governors are calling for to split their elections from the general election. But he will not be a supporter of scrapping the tool, which is already causing dismay and confusion in opposition camps if it goes ahead.

Kitsilof is trying to strengthen his power before 2023 on different levels: to build space in the Governors’ League without neglecting his own game. The initial re-election plan does not call for the elimination of PASOs. But if he is anointed by Christina Kirchner as the presidential candidate next year, he should have a reputation among the provincial leaders of the PJ.

Eliminating PASO, which is the banner of his colleagues to stage the provincial elections, is not a priority for the president, who is still perceived as the first voter in the area, where he wins by half plus one. Votes are valid. Kitsilof, however, opens the game that the governors began to beat when they were admitted to La Plata. Yesterday, from the United States, President Alberto Fernandez also joined the discussion: “This is an open debate, it cannot be stopped.”

Kapitanich and Kitsilof, closest to Christina Kirchner.
Kapitanich and Kitsilof, closest to Christina Kirchner.

“Several governors have raised it in their provinces. We in Buenos Aires are doing district PASO with nationals. This is established by our provincial law. That is why this is a discussion that should be held in the National Congress,” Kitsilof said at a press conference held at the Government House last Monday.

In other words: the governor’s constituency, which includes 37 percent of the country’s electoral rolls, left the debate in national legislatures and Will not propose reform or repeal of Law 14,086 on mandatory and simultaneous open primaries in the Buenos Aires Provincial Legislature.

This law in the province is central to the separation of the national PASO from the provincial, but Kitsilof will not help eliminate it. At least for now.

Law 14086 “establishes in the province of Buenos Aires a system of primary, open, mandatory and simultaneous elections for the selection of candidates for elective public office for all political parties, municipal groups, federations and transitional alliances that wish to intervene. elections. The recall will take place when the national executive orders the primary election, according to Article 2 of the current law.

Behind closed doors, he believes that changing this law is a maneuver – unlikely, but not impossible given the number of Frente de Todos deputies and senators in the legislature – that will destroy him with the opposition, but not above all. added to his initial draft of going into the area for a new mandate.

without votes in the legislature

Kitsilof does not have his own number in the Senate. I could force a parity tiebreaker with a vote Veronica is coolBut with an uncertain ending. In the Chamber of Deputies, it has a simple majority of 42 votes, which can add two allies. But Together has 41 seats and adds 2 more allies. The debate on the elimination of PASO will ultimately be decided by three votes from the Libertarians or two from the United Left. It’s an overly tight debate with high attrition costs that Kitsilof hopes will keep other ventures more relevant to his government.

“We are bound to the national government by our PASO law, which is a discussion to be had in the national congress. We are watching closely because this is not an independent decision of the province. This is not the spring of the province, I hope that our MPs and MLAs in Congress will discuss it,” the governor said on the matter.

Behind closed doors and in front of his own door, he has shown that in his view, the move to provincial Peronism strengthens the candidate who has the upper hand as the winner.

But that didn’t stop the debate in Congress either.. “This is a discussion that needs to be held in Congress, only after that we will see what would happen if there is a suspension,” he said.

The truth is that if Kitsilof wanted to eliminate PASO and hold elections, he could simply force his legislators to revive the project presented by provincial deputy Guillermo Brito to eliminate 14,086 laws in this constituency in 2021. This will be a concrete signal, but the government house has not yet moved.

A double play is due Kitsilof balances between conflicting interests: His case is not about the actors who are calling for the cancellation of the primaries next year to improve their electoral chances and distance themselves from the national administration. Alberto Fernandez.

Unlike his colleagues in the Governors League, Kitsilof does not believe that splitting the 2023 election will help him in his initial re-election plan.. But neither does he want to go public against the initiative that many of his colleagues are pushing for behind closed doors. After all, if Cristina Fernández de Kichner is not a presidential candidate, she could be nominated by the Frente de Todos, they speculate.

Kitsilof does not recognize him, but he has already begun to appear in the space with another possible presidential candidate, Eduardo de Pedro. These two would be the favorites of the vice president.

Source: La Nacion